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The New Jewish Farming Of Today

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Jewish Farming Today - Today, when everyone is plugged into their personal electronic device we forget what is this to eat a fruit straight from its root. Adding to it the two thousands years of Jewish exile from our land will annul it as a Jewish experience all together.

Jakir Manela and Nati Passow are young charismatic ­Jewish community farmers, who remind us that once Jews were an indigenous agrarian society with a sustainable food system and that the roots of social and economical justice and responsibility in Judaism, are in Jewish ancient agriculture.

Nati and Jakir are on the mission of building a food system rooted in justice and Jewish traditions. Nati is a cofounder and executive director of the Jewish Farm School and Jakir is a founding director at Kayam Farm. Over 3500 participants every year help them to use environment, nature and food as the avenue to create a Jewish farm community which is the model for a larger sustainable community in a very holistic way.

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