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Cruisin with DAJUS Episode 2 - Sukkah Shop and Hop

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DAJUS Presents: Cruisin with DAJUS Episode 2: Sukkah Shop and Hop

This is the award-winning 2nd Episode of an upcoming video series, email Yaakovlehman@gmail.com for more info.


"And you shall be a light unto the nations." We are committed to using the vast repository of spiritual and intellectual resources in our timeless Torah in order to aid in bringing the Jewish people, and the world at large, to a more harmonious state of existence. We seek to effect an expansion of consciousness through producing creative media, organizing events, and maintaining a dynamic global community network. Our approach is novel: we aspire to generate introspective questions, rather than dispensing simple answers; to empower individuals through the forces of knowledge and creativity, rather than dictating a certain mode of life. We pray our efforts will infuse fresh inspiration into the Jewish world, and inspire people to rise to higher levels of self-identity and community awareness.

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Added: 9th October 2011
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Category: holidays / sukkot
Tags: dajus presents cruisin episode 2 sukkah shop hop award winning jewish holiday ryan yakkov lehman

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