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Cast A Giant Shadow Classic Movie 2 of 5

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Cast A Giant Shadow Movie (1966) Part 2 of 5 - the epic true story of David Daniel Marcus (1901 - 1948), commonly known as Mickey Marcus, an American United States Army colonel who assisted Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and who became Israel's first general. Marcus is the best known Israeli Machal (the Hebrew acronym for Mitnadvei Chutz Laaretz - 'volunteers from outside Israel') soldier. He was portrayed in the 1966 Hollywood movie Cast a Giant Shadow by Kirk Douglas. In 1947, David ben Gurion asked Marcus to recruit 'an American officer' to serve as key strategic military advisor to the nascent Jewish army, the Haganah, 'The Defense'. As he could not recruit anyone suitable, Marcus decided to 'volunteer' himself and in 1948, the United States War Department granted leave to Colonel Marcus, who was a reservist, provided Marcus disguised his name and rank to avoid problems with the British Mandate of Palestine. Under the name 'Michael Stone', he arrived in Palestine in January 1948, facing the Arab armies surrounding the soon-to-be declared State of Israel. There, he designed a command and control structure for Israel, adapting his war experiences at Ranger school to its special needs. He identified Israel's weakest points in the Negev south, and Jerusalem. Marcus was appointed as Commander of the Jerusalem front, and given the rank of Aluf. (Prior to the Six-Day War, 'Aluf' was equivalent to a Brigadier General. In the present-day IDF table of ranks, 'Aluf' is equivalent to major general.) As no ranks were granted to Israeli high command at that time, he became the first general in the Israeli army. He participated in planning Operation Bin Nun Bet and Operation Yoram against the Latrun fort held by the Transjordan Legion, which controlled the road and prevented Israeli troops from supplying Jerusalem, which was under siege. Both attacks failed, however Marcus helped plan and execute a make-shift winding road through the difficult mountains to Jerusalem - known as the 'Burma Road' (named after the road built by 200,000 Chinese laborers during the Second Sino-Japanese War and served the Allies to transport goods from Burma to China during World War II) bringing in additional men and equipment to break the Arab siege just before the previously negotiated United Nations cease fire took effect on June 11, 1948. As a mostly assimilated English-speaking American Jew, Marcus knew very little Hebrew, but mainly New Yorker Yiddish. A few hours before the cessation of hostilities, Marcus, unable to sleep, went for a late night walk outside the security perimeter which he had established. On his return to the monastery, he had a white bedsheet wrapped around him, appearing to be in Arab dress. Marcus was confronted by a nervous young Israeli soldier who spoke no English and who demanded that Marcus reveal the 'sisma', or password to approach. In the confusion, the sentry shot Marcus and killed him. The bullet went right through Marcus's heart. Marcus wore no rank that night due to the Israeli forces' lack of decorating ribbon. As Marcus's body was removed from Abu Gosh, a ribbon was found and placed on his casket. Ben-Gurion, in writing to Marcus's wife Emma in Brooklyn, New York stated that: 'Marcus was the best man we had'. His body was returned to the USA for burial. His is the only grave in West Point Cemetery at the United States Military Academy for an American killed fighting under the flag of another country. His gravestone at West Point reads: 'Colonel David Marcus - a Soldier for All Humanity'. A memorial plaque in his honor is located in the lobby of Union Temple of Brooklyn where his funeral service was conducted. It reads 'Killed in action in the hills of Zion while leading Israeli forces as their supreme commander in the struggle for Israel's freedom - Blessed is the match that is consumed in kindling flame/ Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart/ Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor's sake/ Blessed is the match that is consumed in kindling flame - Dedicated by his fellow members of Union Temple of Brooklyn December 9, 1949'

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