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Pillar of Fire Movie 1

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"Pillar of Fire" narrated by Sir Ian McKellen. Part 1 of 7. From the dream of the Jewish People's return to Zion to the Establishment of the State of Israel. This masterpiece production features rare documentary footage collected from more than 30 archives and private collections throughout the world, as well as many eye-witness interviews of Arabs, Jews and other nationalities. When PILLAR OF FIRE premiered on Britains Channel Four Television, Jeremy Isaacs, the stations Chief Executive, hailed it as one of the decades greatest achievements in world broadcasting. Episode 1: (this segment) "The Jew Returns The Arab Awakens 1895-1920" The outbreak of anti-Semitism at the end of the 19th century arouses the dream of return to the Homeland of the Jewish people, which, in turn, triggers an Arab national awakening. Episode 2: "The Dream 1914-1929" Jewish pioneers arrive from Europe to Palestine and attain fruition of their utopian ideals in agricultural settlements such as the Kibbutz. Episode 3: "The Rise and Fall of German Jews 1919-1937" The Jews of Germany enjoyed freedom and prosperity following WWI until Hitlers rise to power set off a mass emigration to Palestine triggering waves of violence between Arabs and Jews. Episode 4: "Whos Afraid of a Jewish State? 1937-1939" When Nazi power peaks, fleeing Jews are refused refuge by any country. Britain abolishes the partition plan of Palestine and issues the anti-Zionist White Paper. Episode 5: "Holocaust 1939-1945" Facing a common enemy, Palestinian Jews aid the British army against the Nazis in North Africa, but when the war is over they become the forgotten ally. Episode 6: "Exodus 1945-1947" After the war, Jewish Holocaust survivors are denied a home in any country, including Palestine. Their resistance to the British Mandate leads to the partition of Palestine between Jews and Arabs. Episode 7: "A Nation Reborn 1947-1948" In Palestine, Jewish military and diplomatic struggles prevail. The British Mandate ends and the State of Israel is declared. "This series seems to me TV history as it ought to be. This is pretty, sober and judicious presentation of a complex and contentious story." Paul Johnson, The London Times Educational Supplement (1986) "Pillar of Fire was one of the greatest achievements in world broadcasting of the last decade.", according to Jeremy Isaacs, Chief Executive of Britain's Channel Four Television (1986).

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