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WeJew Founder Shlomo Wollins Gaza War Interview

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Shlomo Wollins, founder of www.WEJEW.com, and a well-known, on-scene activist/journalist, explores how the war in Gaza will effect the outcome in the Israel's national elections in February 2009. Mr. Wollins lived for months in Gaza and covered the Gush Katif expulsion in 2005 for the global media, he was injured filming the violent confrontation at Amona in 2006, he provided critical coverage of two major expulsions in Hebron (the Shuk and Beit Shapiro), he lived in Sderot for nearly a year in 2006/2007 and was nearly killed filming a live Kassam strike on his neighbor's house in Sderot (video on youtube/wejew) during the hellish May 2007 Kassam barrages. Mr. Wollins also covered the 2006 Lebanon War embedded in Haifa and Tsfat, during the nearly non-stop Katushya attacks on those cities. Shlomo Wollins is now the founder and force behind www.WEJEW.com, the premier Jewish media sharing and networking website, currently with over 1,180 members and over 2,400 public video uploads. Shlomo made aliyah in 1999 and lived in the Old City for 5 years prior to moving to Gush Katif in 2005 prior to the expulsion.

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