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Israel Spirit Art of David Avisar

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David Avisar Israeli Fine Art - David Avisar has a collection of fine art for purchase. His style is expressionistic showing the spirituality, belief and optimism that exists in this world. See more at: http://avisar.co.il/ A Jewish original expressionism connected to the Holy Land, the roots that approach to life's love is what David Avisar wants to transmit in his artworks. He invests plenty of his time searching for the harmony of composition and colors combined with his artistic spontaneity. There are common themes of faith, hope and optimism in his work that have the ability to inspire and uplift. Also landscapes with vibrant colors and strong outlines. After being a tour guide in the Sinai Dessert and a nature reserve warden in the Negev, he went to study at the Ramat HaSharon Academy of Art and afterwards to live in the Artist's Colony of Ein Hod, in the Carmel Mountains. It was here that David was influenced by the well known artist Marcel Yanco and began to develop his own expressionistic style of painting. David spent several years traveling throughout the world, while painting and participating in exhibitions until he returned to Israel where he strengthened his connection to his Jewish heritage. He participated in personal and groups exhibitions throughout USA and Israel. David lives with his wife and children in Beit Shemesh, Israel where he has his studio and gallery.

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