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OU Purim Sphiel Learn the Torah in Only 834 Years

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OU Purim Sphiel - A Letter a Day ('Oit Yomi') - You Will Hardly Notice the Time Go By. There are 304,805 letters in the Torah - each one precious and important in its own individual way. That means that by committing to spending just a few moments a day to study the letter, anyone can complete the entire Torah in only 834 years. And the OU will provide you with an online calendar so you never lose track of where you are. (Plans to distribute a printed calendar had to be shelved because of its weight.) The Ot Yomit program is scheduled to commence on Purim 5769 (2009). The first cycle will conclude in 6603 (2843), at which point the second cycle will begin. If you miss it this time around, you might want to wait for the start of the second cycle so that you do not lose out on even one letter.

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