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Exodus Decoded Science or the Bible Part Two of Four

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The $3.5 million documentary "The Exodus Decoded" made its US debut on the History Channel. Previously it had been broadcast on the Discovery Channel in Canada in April and was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival in July. Produced and narrated by Simcha Jacobovici, the film purportedly provides new evidence to demonstrate the Exodus really happened. Some of Jacobovici's points are old hat, having been proposed before, while others are indeed new. But, alas, the presentation suffers from the same fate as other similar "documentaries"—dates are revised willy-nilly to make everything neatly come together to explain the events of the Exodus. In the end, Jacobovici does more harm than good since he mishandles the archaeological evidence, hence providing fuel to skeptics who wish to undermine the Exodus.

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