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Keshet Yehudah Students Meet Holocaust Survivors

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This Film Production was filmed and edited by Keshet Yehuda Students. The project was started because 85,000 holocaust survivors were found living under the poverty line. One man named Daniel asked:
Why is this so? After years of suffering, why are they still suffering?!! What can be done? Daniel did some research and found that the biggest problem that the Holocaust survivors have is not just poverty. It's loneliness. These people are hungry for company. Besides company, Daniel's project provides housing, food, air conditioning (which for one Holocaust Survivor, without one, could have cost him his life) visits before festivals and much more.

The program has been running for 5 years in Israel. At the moment it is helping 80 Holocaust Survivors all over the country. This program is very unique and there isn't one like it in the world.

Keshet Yehuda Students volunteer every 2 weeks to visit these Holocaust Survivors and help give them somebody to tell their story to and give comfort and company. The Holocaust Survivors get such joy from these visits. Here are some quotes from them:

Holocaust Survivor said before she passed away "I had a very terrible life in holocaust and Israel, thanks to you boys (Keshet Yehuda) i will have a smile on my face, you are my saviours'.

Ester Zimering (Holocaust Survivor) "Since you came into my life you gave me a purpose to live".

This program doesn't only benefit the Holocaust Survivors but also young people. It sends a very important message to them:

1. Kindness and Charity is very important and benefits people in ways that are impossible to imagine.

2. It not only gives the Holocaust Survivors a new life, the young students get a new family too. As you can imagine this helps both the Holocaust Survivors and young students emotionally. Students get so attached that even after the program they call up every week to check if everything is alright.

"Words cannot explain how important this program is" -A quote from one of our students at Keshet Yehuda.

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