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Eldad Levi The Universal Musical Face

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Eldad Levi was born in central Israel, a descendent of Levites on both sides for generations back. Early on in his life journey, he took an interest in various arts, including studying and practicing Tai Chi, participating in a three-year course in Jewish medicine according to the teachings of Maimonides, creating leather objects and jewelry, and healing with gems.

Eldad's search led to him to music, which has been his life focus for the past ten years. Central his work has been an intensive study of ancient musical sources dating back to the Temple period. The Talmud teaches that the Levites would sing during sacrifices to help foster an even closer connection with the Holy One. Different melodic patterns, or maqaamat, as they are called in Oriental music, would evoke different emotions. Thus one melody would be sung to remedy jealousy, another - anger. Maqam means 'place,' and in this context could be understood as a place in the soul. This is precisely the effect Eldad seeks in his music - a way of connecting with audiences and of bringing people together by reaching them at the level of their soul.

Over the past years, Eldad has taken an active part in many projects that use music to foster communication and unity. He plays in a number of ensembles, but his primary band is Azamer B'Shvachin, made of musicians from top Israeli bands who became religious and banded together in their mission to bring a fusion of western styles - jazz blues, rock, Western - and Eastern modes from the Oriental Jewish traditions - into popular Jewish music.

Eldad plays instruments dating from the Temple period: the harmonium (a biblical accordion), ancient hand drums, and the Persian Santur, a trapezoid-shaped box often made of walnut, with 72 strings, played with mallets in the fashion of a hammered dulcimer.

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