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MK Danny Danon CJHSLA 2010-03-22

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From a speech on 2010-03-22:
Although he speaks of the biblical (legal, moral and historical may have been omitted) right and security need for the land, he seems conflicted as he goes on to say during the questioning that since only 3% of YoSh is "occupied" by Yehudim, it should be administered by Jordan for the "palestinians." That is his "VISION" for the long term! He did emphasize that although the US administration speaks of denying Yehudim living in the land of their own name, the Arab states, including Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia only speak with IL about IRAN, IRAN, IRAN! He may be implying that it is as if the talk about "Jewish settlement" by the US is a deflection or distraction of the US's failure to impose sanctions as they said they would, not-to-mention an obsession to prevent Yehudim sovereignty over the land of their own name.
MK Danon spoke of his reponsibilities regarding education and mentioned the same thing as Aryeh Eldad (who wanted to be the Education Minister) that 57% of the children in IL don't visit Yerushalayim until their late teens. He references Jabotinsky and his idea of an "Iron Wall" representing one's convictions or inspiration for action.
I want to make a comment about pig's feet and sheep's clothing, but I won't.
Video will be available here: http://www.cjhsla.org/videos.php

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