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The Shemesh Show Jerusalem Kids TV

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The Machon Meir Yeshiva is expanding its horizons, creatively teaching Torah concepts to the younger set through broadcast media. The yeshiva, which already has produced a Jewish children's Internet program in Hebrew, has now created one in English as well, "The Shemesh Show."

The Shemesh Show has the tremendous advantage of being based in Jerusalem. Besides the inherent spiritual power, we can take the children within exciting creative plots to see where our forefathers and mothers walked in the land of Israel.

Over thirty years ago, Rabbi Dov Begon established Machon Meir, a yeshiva and Jewish outreach center in Jerusalem. Three years ago, Machon Meir launched a successful Hebrew language television show for children: “The Asi and Tuvia Show” with about 35,000 views per show and over 400 episodes. A professional film studio was built on site, staffed by a highly talented production and post-production staff. The Shemesh Show is fortunate to have the facilities and staff already in place.

We have seen first hand how the children have connected to the characters of the Asi and Tuvia Show. Kids discuss the shows' themes and characters at home and school and the Torah learning really comes to life.

Shemesh is played by Eliyon Shemesh who was born and raised on the "Moshav" where he learned and performed with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Today he is a happily married father of five living in Jerusalem. Eliyon played the drums in the Israeli army band and has released two disks of original Torah inspired music. He taught Torah with music and stories for two years in Canadian schools and afterwards worldwide with the Jewish Agency. He has acted in over thirty episodes of the Asi and Tuvia show.

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