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Neighborhood Bully

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Music By: Bob Dylan
"Neighborhood Bully"
A Yisroal Boaz D'var Torah

This song is as relevant today as the day Bob Dylan a.k.a . Robert Zimmerman put pen to paper and wrote it. Not much has changed, the world now, as then, stands at our door, thirstily frothing for our blood and destruction.

We are as the Torah calls us a "stiff necked people" refusing to learn from world history and our past mistakes.

Our history is one of great suffering and hardship at the hand of the goyem of the world. Enslavement, pogroms, holocausts, have and are, the order of the day for thousands of years.

When our First and Second Holy Temples [Beit HaMikdash] were destroyed by invading empires [Babylonians and Romans] their was mass division, hatred and strife amongst the Jewish Nation and HaShem removed his Divine presence from among us, punishing us and allowing the Holy Temples to fall and for us to suffer greatly.

My brothers and sisters, let us please, please learn now and use the current world events as a catalyst to bring us [the Jewish Nation] together as one and stand united. To end foolish divisions amongst ourselves of Left, Right, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionists, what ever and judge each other favorable - To love and cherish our fellow Jew and our inheritance, the Land of Israel. To uphold Torah and Torah values. To stop the misguided notion that giving away our land to terrorists will appease them and make them stop thirsting for our blood and begin to love us (it won't!).

Let us hasten the re-building of the Beit HaMikdash and the coming of Mashiach today and BE "The Shinning Light onto the Nations" that HaShem wants us to be...

Chazak ! Chazak ! Venischazeik !

This video is dedicated to every Jewish
Soul that lost his/her life and died Kiddush HaShem,
at the hands of goyem of the world.
May G-d bless and keep you always...

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