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Shamoon College of Engineering of Beer Sheva Israel

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Sami Shamoon College of Engineering - Promotional video for the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in Beer Sheva, Israel. Sami Shamoon College of Engineering provides the predominantly low-income working families of Southern Israel with a premier educational opportunity to transform themselves into the skilled engineers needed to fuel Israel's industrial economy. Sami Shamoon College of Engineering provides the educational bridge that inspires and transforms the youth of southern Israel into the engineers driving the region’s economic growth. Sami Shamoon College of Engineering was established in 1995. Today, the college has approximately 2,500 students studying for B.Sc at two campuses, Beer Sheva and Ashdod, in five departments: Civil Engineering (approval), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering with two majors in Process Industry and Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering and Management with additional major in Information Systems and Operation Systems, and Software Engineering (approval). Shamoon College, whose main goal is academic excellence, runs and develops advanced research centers with the cooperation of industries and integration into the international scientific community. Shamoon College holds research conferences, encourages research activity and provides research scholarships for students and faculty, while raising resources and budgets for developing advanced laboratories.

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