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The Aluminum Dance Show from Israel

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The Aluminum Show from Israel - Transforming it into giant silver mammoths, pseudo aliens and sinuous snake-like creatures, an Israeli dance troupe re-defines aluminum. By Harvey Stein.

Recently returned from a four-month US tour and slated to fly back soon, this time for a six-month stay, the Israeli dance extravaganza dubbed Aluminum, founded by Israeli dancer and choreographer Ilan Azriel, will completely change the way you think about this versatile metal.

The idea was born when Azriel opened a box in a hardware store one day and a piece of aluminum fell out. He started to play around with the snake-like object, fascinated by the way it moved. He began to imagine the play of lights on the silver substance, as dancers wore it on their bodies.

Born in a hardware store aisle, today, Aluminum is a full-length performance of visual theater for six dancers that has toured the world, with stops in Africa, Asia, and North and South America.

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