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Rapper Y-Love Speaks Out About Jewish Hip-Hop

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Y-Love Speaks Out About Jewish Hip-Hop

What makes music Kosher? Y-Love represents a reality of Jewish music that is all about the content and not to be judged by its genre: Kosher Hip-Hop.

With a mission statement that reads 'using hip-hop to elevate, not to tranquilize,' this spiritual, rapping guru exhudes the brighter side of the hip-hop music scene. Based in Brooklyn, NY with an undeniable love for Israel, Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is front and center in a trending hip-hop revolution. Y-Love's unique style reveals his inner-neshama (soul), a spicy interest in ancient languages, and his passion for Jewish scripture - all of which are accounts and reflections of his strong Jewish identity and life-choice to convert to Hasidism.

For more videos about Jewish identity see http://leadel.net/talks/latest

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