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Crusiing with DAJUS: Sukkas Special Preview

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Scene taken from Cruising With DAJUS :Sukkah Shop and Hop 5771 (unreleased)

So what's happening here? Glad you asked. This clip features a group of devoted religious Jews engaged in deep meditative prayer. This scene takes place on the holiday of Sukkot, where Jews are required to perform the Torah mitzvah of taking up four plant species (palm branch, citron, myrtle, and willow). The prayer book that they are reading from contains many permeations of the divine name of G-d. In a state of deep meditation, the kabbalists focus their conscious intention on the names and the different energy forces they represent. There is an additional mathematical element to the divine name meditation, as each letter in the Hebrew alpha-bet corresponds to a numerical value.

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Category: holidays / sukkot
Tags: cruising dajus sukkas special 5771 religious Jews old city jerusalem prayers lulav etrog shacharit temple mount sunrise vatikin

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