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Vendyl Jones Digging The Future

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Who is Vendyl Jones? An excerpt from the 1998 documentary "DIGGING UP THE FUTURE" - Vendyl Jones was born on May 29, 1930, and grew up in Sudan, Texas. Vendyl Jones, noted Biblical scholar and archaeologist will be the recipient of the Annual Noah Award at the upcoming World Conference of Noahide Nations in 2008. Ray Pettersen, organizer of the event, said today that Jones was being recognized for a life-long pursuit to unearth tangible Biblical truths and for his efforts to raise awareness of Torah and the Seven Laws of Noah. Jones, now 78, is a controversial figure in the archaeological world. He has been digging for years, near Israel's Dead Sea, in search of Biblical treasures. During the Six-Day War, he volunteered for the Israeli forces spotting numerous enemy gun emplacements, a feat written up in the June 16 issue of Time Magazine in 1967. He would make headlines again in 1988 when a clay vial was uncovered during his dig. The vessel contained oil that may have come from the Holy Temple. In 1992, his team would discover a cache of red substance that he believes is the Holy Incense, used in the Temple. Though many scholars have disputed Jones' finds, the Texan has continued his quest using an ancient inscription from the little-known Copper Scroll found at Qumran in 1952. "Vendyl's love for Israel and the Jewish People fueled his archaeological work," said Pettersen, "But we're honoring Vendyl because, more than any figure living today, he has been instrumental in spreading the Seven Laws of Noah." During his frequent visits to Israel, Jones found time to study with leading rabbinical figures. Those studies led to another full-time, occupation—teaching Torah to non-Jews and raising awareness for B'Nei Noach (Children of Noah) and the Seven Noahide Laws. "This is not a new idea or movement," explained Pettersen. "We're all descendants of Noah and these precepts embrace ethical monotheism for mankind as taught by the great Jewish sages such as Maimonides."

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