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11 Mar 2012
I have not been on here much lately. I have and still am ill, but I miss this site very much! Thank you for allowing me to be here and for being my friend, Wejew! Be Blessed Always!!!!!!! <3 for Israel, Forever.......

10 Jun 2010

Look at this site, i kant open him now..

Greatings John

19 Feb 2010
Yes it truly is an inspiring story which shines a bright light - Thank you! :)

06 Dec 2009
The WeJew site is great. Hopefully it will move people to look at what is really happening in Israel and not just accept either the media's presentations, or the politicans sound bites.

Let's hope, but always act.

20 Nov 2009
I pray for G-d to continue to bless and protect Israel. Shalom.

Burt West
31 Aug 2009
Making HaShem Proud. WeJew.com is the Ultimate Kosher Media Universe on the Internet for all to enjoy here and above. Thank you very much.

28 Aug 2009
Sweet site!

12 Jun 2009
Thank You for making "WEJEWS" available to us. I pray to HASHEM that I will come to ISRAEL soon. My heart longs to come there. May "HASHEM" continue to bless all your efforts and heart's desires. I love you,I love Israel, and I love "HASHEM". I am Honored to be a member.

25 Nov 2008
Thank you for your shared wisdom in the broadcasted show with Tamar Yonah, and bless you for all the good work you are doing for our people and true friends.

I hope you will be able to keep and do the good we need to see come out from our special nation, as our hope that Israel will see a way to come out as Yisrael for all our people as well our good friends who also like to see a Yet Better World - as is in my blessings for our Nation and Earth itself.

31 Oct 2007
the many multimedia facets and colors of Jewish Life fascinates me...

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