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Talk to your Daughter
Added: 22nd October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 17922
Comments: 3

This video message was forwarded to wejew without a sending address - and after careful consideration we are posting it. While there are suggestive visuals contained that we generally will screen out - the message of this video is so important and critical in our times - we believe it belongs on...

Tags: message essence true truth daugher mother family beauty tznius modesty esteem self image fashion relationship identity
Forgotten Prison Jews
Added: 27th October 2007
Posted By: naomi
Views: 4560
Comments: 0

A documentary film in progress exploring the lives of Jewish inmates in prison. My question is, is their faith strong enough for them to be rehabilitated?

Tags: jewish inmates florida correctional facility jewish tradition pesach passover holiday miracle slave freedom florida documentary film strength faith rehabilitation jail
Challah-Eating Iguana!
Added: 8th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 971
Comments: 0

This video is from a friend in southern Florida who is a reliable feeder of the local ducks and other animals. However, this large green iguana nearly barges into her home as he (or she?) is being fed leftover challah from Shabbat. Must be a kosher and Jewish iguana? lol

Tags: amazing animal iguana reptile challah bread shabbat shabbas funny hilarious
World Jew Goodness
Added: 13th October 2007
Posted By: ourtorah
Views: 6352
Comments: 0

In this powerful flash animation you can see that the Jewish Torah and traditions have guided civilization to whatever degree of humanity that it enjoys today. After watching this critical presentation, just consider the world without the Jewish nation - that is, without the divine teachings of...

Tags: chanukah holiday flash animation message torah jewish history tradition civilization holy contribution foundation presentation truth wisdom education teach learn tradition good
Shabbat Song
Added: 18th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 2282
Comments: 0

This is the cutest and holiest song made by Sam Glaser - many thousands of returning Jewish souls have sung this together. It is totally upbeat, for the entire family, and really a whistle-along, great tune. Perfect for Friday afternoon (eruv Shabbat) for family sing-a-long.

Tags: sam glaser music shabbat shabbas song niggun tune family children holy happy inspiration soul neshama
Chutzpah Chanukah Rap
Added: 21st October 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
Views: 704
Comments: 0

The amazing Jewish rap sensations, Chutzpah, make a shout and live rap called: "Chanukah da Bomb". Check it - ya' hear!

Tags: chutzpah jewish music video rapper chanukah holiday lights candle fun music song lyrics perform
Hebron Nachshon
Added: 15th August 2007
Posted By: holycolor
Views: 1985
Comments: 0

A flash animation from the amazing artwork of Baruch Nachshon from holy Hebron. This incredible series contains 35 breath-taking art portrayals of the 2nd holiest city in which the artist lives entitled "Hebron". See his art at www.nachshonart.com (please allow a few seconds for the flash to load...

Tags: art color israel holy hebron baruch nachshon king hebron chevron paint flash animation
Make Peace with Beauty
Added: 31st October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 787
Comments: 0

In this series of extraordinary self-esteem video promos, the Dove organization proclaims to the millions of insecure children in this world - be yourself, shine, and "make peace with beauty".

Tags: beauty peace self esteem confidence image dove children security shine light inspiration
Added: 2nd November 2007
Posted By: rebshlomomusic
Views: 2385
Comments: 0

Here is a beautiful and moving story by the great Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach called: "The Blind Chazzan". (Chazzan is the word for the individual who leads Jews in prayer services)

Tags: rebbe rabbi shlomo carlebach story guitar music wisdom torah education teach blind chazzan tradition tears famous jewish people leader holy tzaddik
My Love RoshH
Added: 8th October 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
Views: 2008
Comments: 0

This enchanting and cute video shows the special and new connection that many post-Birthright Jewish children take home with them. Very cool - this girl needs to go into outreach! Check out more at - http://www.rhgirl.com

Tags: cute holy rosh hashana birthright music holiday israel
Kafka Metamorphisis
Added: 28th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 862
Comments: 0

Free adaptation based on kafka's "Metamorphosis", an allegory about Kafka's life, with Franz playing the main character. The action happens at Praga invaded by Germans, at home of a Jewish family (maybe the Kafka's). Novel's room of G. Samsa is replaced by an enormous library. Directed by Carlos...

Tags: franz kafka metamorphisis movie film cinema foreign italian english subtitles captions director carlos atanes life holocaust praga germans jewish family home invasion shoah
Joseph Dreamcoat The Complete Movie
Added: 17th January 2008
Posted By: jewflix
Views: 33217
Comments: 0

In this 77-minute, filmed adaption of the long-running musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", we see the story of Joseph, son of Jacob. The favoured son, he is betrayed by his jealous brothers and sold into slavery and driven to Egypt. Though beset with adversity,...

Tags: joseph amazing technicolor dreamcoat cinema film movie adaptation story yosef son jacob yaakov jealousy brothers slavery egypt pharoah governor reunion food compassion bible torah story cinema donny osmond richard attenborough joan collins pesach passover seder redemption exodus
Brigitte Gabriel Interview
Added: 12th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 694
Comments: 0

An extended (46-minute) interview with one of the true media warriors of our time - Brigitte Gabriel. In this candid talk, Ms. Gabriel takes us through her life growing up in Lebanon at the hands of the then nascent "palestinian" terror uprising. Today, Brigitte Gabriel is an American...

Tags: brigitte gabriel journalist author speaker founder american congress truth education islam jihad terrorism duke university 2004 expert opinion analysis lebanon palestinian history warning
Tasha Dishka Israel 60
Added: 19th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 467
Comments: 0

Two amazing young Jewish girls visit Israel for the Birthright return program and make a cool music video - Tasha and Dishka celebrate Israel's 60th Birthday by traveling across the country and singing a great song by Israel's the Carsitters. Why don't you join them in Israel for free! Check...

Tags: tasha dishka israel 60th anniversary birthday birthright taglit return homeland travel tour vacation explore song carsitters
Apache Indian Israelites
Added: 27th April 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 889
Comments: 0

Apache Indian - "The Israelites" - A totally wicked and cool remake of the original "The Israelites" retro classic music video - really upbeat world tune here! See the original at this link: http://www.wejew.com/media/71/Israelites_the_Classic/

Tags: israelites indian apache desmond dekker cool update remake cover music video world beat rhthym classic
Frasier Speaks Klingon
Added: 7th January 2008
Posted By: YouRememberThat
Views: 3887
Comments: 0

Noel Shempsky, the geeky station employee promised to teach Frasier Hebrew, but after Frasier breaks a promise, he teaches him Klingon instead! NEVER upset the person with the knowledge!

Tags: frasier bar mitzvah synagogue speaks klingon television series classic comedy funny satire spoof star trek science fiction kelsey grammer
Skydive Israel!
Added: 30th July 2007
Posted By: israsports
Views: 487
Comments: 0

Well-produced video of the ultimate thrill - skydiving from the holy skies above Israel down to the Holy Land itself. This footage was taken in 2006 and 2007. Amazing!

Tags: israel sky dive diving diving vacation nature tour travel experience extreme sport amazing
Rosh Hashana Idol Flash
Added: 4th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 9803
Comments: 0

This is a really, really funny flash animation - spoofing the American Idol tv show with a Rosh Hashana version of shofar imitations! A real laugher!

Tags: flash animation american idol television show rosh hashana version spoof satire cartoon parody shofar imitation
WeJew Founder Radio Interview Modern Miracles Plagues Aliyah
Added: 24th March 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 1859
Comments: 0

What we are experiencing today in the news, is of biblical proportions and would have been recorded in the Torah. Tamar speaks with Shlomo Wollins from WeJew.com and discuss miracles happening before our eyes that people cannot see because some are suffering in a present-day plague of darkness....

Tags: modern miracles plagues redemption aliyah messages hashem shlomo wollins wejew founder commentary analysis opinion biblical proportions torah history aliyah talk show host tamar yonah
570 Ton Stone in Hidden Western Wall Tunnel Tour
Added: 20th February 2009
Posted By: kotelyid
Views: 836
Comments: 0

Jerusalem Temple's Hidden Wall: One of the largest construction stone in the world, 570 Tons (1.25 Million Pounds) is a miracle of the hidden part of the Western Wall which can be viewed in the Kotel Tunnel Tours. The biggest stone in the Temples Western Wall and one of the heaviest objects ever...

Tags: hidden western wall underground tunnel tours jerusalem yerushalayim old city visit tourism destination amazing largest construction stone world 570 tons million pounds miracle human hands width height remarkable jewish history archaeology hebrew ivrit
Life of Jeremiah Complete Movie Part 1 of 10
Added: 14th March 2009
Posted By: jewflix
Views: 4269
Comments: 0

Jeremiah the Prophet Complete Movie (Part 1 of 10) - Jeremiah was a Kohen (member of the priestly family) called to the prophetical office when still young; in the thirteenth year of Josiah (628 BC). He left his native place, Anathoth, to reside in Jerusalem, where he assisted Josiah in his work...

Tags: life jeremiah prophet jewish complete full length movie kohen cohen priestly family josiah anatoth jerusalem lamentation pious king jehoiakim wooden yoke neck prison babylonians warnings nebuchadnezzar siege burned fire mizpah benjamin gedaliah governor judea johanan assassination ammon baruch ben neriah faithful scribe servant evil merodach tahpanhes bible lives prophecy history traditions
יעקב שוואקי ויונתן רזאל - והיא שעמדה Amazing Passover Duet
Added: 13th April 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 1430
Comments: 0

השיר החדש!!! מילים: הגדה של פסח לחן: יונתן רזאל - Amazing Passover Stage Duet with Yonaton Raizel and Yaakov Shuki - classic song from the Haggadah.

Tags: yonaton raizel amazing passover stage duet pesach veyehi sheamda yaakov shuki
HaYehudim Unplugged Israel Rock Band Tipa HaYam Live
Added: 1st August 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 512
Comments: 1

Tipa BaYam - A Drop in the Sea. The acoustic concert performed by Hayehudim (The Jews) in Hechal Hatarbut (Hall Of Colture) in Tel Aviv. This is the second song played. In this concert all of the songs were upgraded to a new level of emotion and quality. Background: HaYehudim ("The...

Tags: hayehudim tipa hayam rock band israel hebrew acoustic unplugged היהודים ישראל יהודים היכל התרבות תרבות
Semantra Live in Jerusalem Park
Added: 11th January 2010
Posted By: FutureTribe
Views: 780
Comments: 1

The incredible band from Israel - Semantra - plays live bootleg footage in park in Jerusalem.

Tags: semantra live jerusalem park israeli band performance
The Jewish Chicken Lady Hero in Israel
Added: 11th September 2008
Posted By: israhero
Views: 1240
Comments: 3

This is a remarkable example of "tikkun olam" (fixing the world) and kindness - a 97-year-old lady that feeds 1000s of families with chickens for Shabbat. A modern-day hero for the Jewish families in need. (source: Aish HaTorah)

Tags: amazing chicken lady jerusalem gemach kindness chesed tikkun olam food shabbat shabbas
Flotilla Choir Parody - We Con The World
Added: 4th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 95396
Comments: 6

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World - The Gaza Flotilla participants explain how they can con the world. source: Latma.TV and Caroline Glick

Tags: flotilla choir parody we con the world latmatv caroline glick parody spoof comedy political satire
Validation in HD: Self Power Feel Good Love Story Of Your Life
Added: 5th March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 1640
Comments: 2

After well-received first run on WeJew in regular quality - we are reposting the short powerful film Validation now in HD format - the ultimate self empowerment, feel good, love story of a 17-minute film that can really change how you run your life and shine to the world. Get your Validation in...

Tags: validation short film powerful self empowerment growth encouragement shine feel good love story connection life meaning romance shine light better person do good
Jewish Youth on Temple Mount
Added: 12th April 2009
Posted By: templemount
Views: 2427
Comments: 0

Photograph of Jewish youth touring on the holiest site - The Temple Mount!

Tags: temple mount har habayit tour jewish israeli youth
Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel
Added: 30th March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 1015
Comments: 0

Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel On tonight's show, Glenn Beck asks why our administration is siding with the wrong side and standing with all of those who stand against Israel. For more from the Fox News Insider, check out http://www.foxnewsinsider.com.

Tags: glenn beck stand with israel power commentary israel right self defense media show foxnews opinion america foreign policy wrong allies
Defiance Complete Movie Part 1 of 4
Added: 7th November 2011
Posted By: jewflix
Views: 4941
Comments: 0

DEFIANCE COMPLETE MOVIE - FULL-LENGTH (runtime - 2 hours and 16 minutes) - Four Jewish brothers living in Nazi occupied Poland escape into the forest where they join up with Russian resistance fighters in battling the Nazis. Throughout the war they built a village in the forest and saved the...

Tags: defiance jewish brothers nazi occupied poland escape forest resistance fighters battle saved thousands life true story movie cinema film complete full length
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