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it is about saving the world...
Tags: israel shlomo wollins 
Created: 7th May 2007
Status: Public

Members: 5 | Media: 9 | Discussions: 1
Deep in the heart of every human being lies the core of who we are. This group will focus on finding our own unique pathway to inner core consciousness and developing a one on one relationship with the creator
Tags: Spiritual 
Created: 10th February 2008
Status: Private_owner_approval

Members: 5 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 2
A list of media taken from the 1000s of media posts that really impact our souls!
Tags: wejew editor shlomo wollins featured media video impact 
Created: 18th February 2009
Status: Public

Members: 2 | Media: 3 | Discussions: 0
The complete movie of the Life of Esther and the story of Purim.
Tags: esther purim life mordechai jewish history holiday divine providence 
Created: 13th March 2009
Status: Public

Members: 6 | Media: 10 | Discussions: 1
Tags: comedy 
Created: 20th January 2010
Status: Public

Members: 3 | Media: 2 | Discussions: 1
uplift your day
Created: 20th July 2010
Status: Public

Members: 4 | Media: 3 | Discussions: 1
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