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Haiti Earthquake Caught on Tape
Added: 15th January 2010
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 648
Comments: 0

Haiti Earthquake CAUGHT ON TAPE - Cars Crashing, Buildings Collapsing, People Need Help.

Tags: haiti earthquake live footage caught on tape security camera cars crashing buildings collapsing disaster
Rambam Hospital Under Fire During The Missile War
Added: 1st January 2010
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 293
Comments: 0

Rambam Hospital Under Fire During The Missile War

Tags: Rambam Hospital Under Fire During The Missile War
The Story of Stuff
Added: 26th December 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 417
Comments: 0

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute film that takes viewers on a provocative and eye-opening tour of the real costs of our consumer driven culture—from resource extraction to iPod incineration. Annie Leonard, an activist who has spent the past 10 years traveling the globe fighting...

Tags: annie leonard activist story of stuff consumerism material economy pollution packaging disposable sustainable development green environmental movement recycling garbage provocative
The Surfer Dog and True Life Mission
Added: 19th December 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 638
Comments: 0

Surf dog Ricochet (Rip Curl Ricki's) inspirational journey from service dog training, to turning disappointment into a joyful new direction, to surfing with quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, to fundraising for charitable causes. She is currently leading a toy drive to benefit children in...

Tags: surfer dog richochet rip curl inspirational journey service dog training quadriplegic patrick ivison fundraising charitable causes amazing story true real life mission
We Are All One on One Planet
Added: 4th December 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 246
Comments: 0

Want to help carrying the message to various media, including the major TV networks? If you want to take action, visit the website http://www.weareallone-support.org

Tags: we are all one environmental protection global planet green sustainable development
Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson - Shnirele Perele
Added: 24th November 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 487
Comments: 0

The Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson "Shnirele, Perele"

Tags: klezmer jewish music klezmatics joshua nelson live stage performance traditional shirele perele
2000 Invisible Dogs NYC Improv Mission
Added: 3rd November 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 401
Comments: 0

Over 2,000 people walked "invisible dogs" down the streets of Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon. The leashes were on loan from the current owner of 51 Bergen Street, the factory space where the invisible dog toy was invented in the 1970s. Participants of all ages spread out from Red Hook...

Tags: improv everywhere mission 2000 invisible dogs human experiment new york city nyc
Frozen NYC Crowd at Grand Central
Added: 3rd November 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 515
Comments: 0

Over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York. This is one of over 70 different missions Improv Everywhere has executed over the past six years in New York City.

Tags: improv everywhere mission frozen grand central mission human experiment new york city nyc
Subway Yearbook Photos Improv
Added: 3rd November 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 336
Comments: 0

For our latest mission, we installed a photography studio on a random subway car. We claimed that the MTA had hired us to take photos of every single person who rides the subway and that we'd be producing a yearbook at the end of the year. Most people were happy to pose for us, and the...

Tags: improv everywhere mission subway yearbook photos human experiment new york city nyc
Rocky Goes Shlomo Crazzzy
Added: 25th October 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 529
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel goes "Shlomo" crazy while putting down a new track for first time via webcam.

Tags: yerachmiel shlomo wollins music video fun insane crazy
HAS Israel Aid Credit Card Flash
Added: 17th September 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 2346
Comments: 0

HAS Israel Aid Credit Card Flash - one of the great Jewish business initiatives - use your spending power to aid Israel - why not? and get cool card with picture of Kotel on it!

Tags: has advantage credit cards aid israel spending power business promotion flash
Adon Olam and A Blessing to God
Added: 24th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 714
Comments: 0

Adon Olam - A Blessing to God who created the world and offered us its beauty!

Tags: adon olam jewish prayer master universe blessing god creator world beauty nature splendor
The Dog Who Will Not Take Handouts from Obama
Added: 23rd August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 2261
Comments: 0

The Dog Who Will Not Take Obama Treats - this is so funny WeJew media team voted to post - despite the lack of Jewish content - actually it is VERY Jewish - since Obama's policies have been anti-Israel if not borderline rascist and anti-semitic. I agree with the dog!

Tags: dog animal president barack hussein obama trick funny
Twoozer the Jewish Twitter INR Radio Launch Interview
Added: 19th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 719
Comments: 0

New Israel Media - the parent of WeJew.com - has launched the second website in its suite of Jewish social media sites. TWOOZER.com is the hottest new Jewish web property - with all the features of Twitter but focused on the Jewish global online community. Founder Shlomo Wollins (also founded...

Tags: twoozer jewish twitter official beta launch israel national radio tamar yonah show shlomo wollins founder wejew social media interview
Exclusive Shocking Video of NYC Air Collision Over Hudson River
Added: 13th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 1100
Comments: 0

NBC's New York local affiliate WNBC aired exclusive home video of the tragic collision between a small airplane and a tourist helicopter during their newscast tonight. The video, shot by a tourist aboard a boat on the Hudson, captures the moments before and the stunning impact when the...

Tags: new york city manhattan nyc hudson river airplane helicopter fatal accident crash wnbc exclusive home video tourist disaster tragedy actual footage impact
Israel 1948 Founding in LIFE Magazine Video PhotoShow
Added: 12th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 1092
Comments: 0

The history of the formation of Israel in 1948 is remarkable - but most have never seen the real photographs - LIFE magazine has issued over 100 breath-taking images - WeJew.com founder Shlomo Wollins has generated this 10-minute video that will astound and amaze and is exclusive to WeJew.com!...

Tags: israel formation 1948 war independence old city arab armies captures evictions war history jewish archive life magazine images photographs shlomo wollins wejew
Israel 10 Seconds in Black and White
Added: 11th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 416
Comments: 0

Israel 10 Seconds in Black and White - three quick moving images from Getty showing: (1) Israeli soldiers clapping at Kotel after 1967 liberation; (2) Israeli tank soldiers returning victorious from Egypt; and (3) Ben-Gurion saluting as he enters building to proclaim the independence of the...

Tags: israel archive getty black white images tank soldiers egypt kotel liberation 1967 ben gurion salute 1948
Alexandrina Chelu Acoustic Lu Yehi from Naomi Shemer
Added: 9th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 588
Comments: 0

Alexandrina Chelu Acoustic Lu Yehi from Naomi Shemer - the talented and spiritual singer from Romania covers a classic Israeli song at outdoor festival.

Tags: alexandrina chelu acoustic guitar lu yehi naomi shemer israeli classic song romania festival
Alexandrina Chelu - Avinu Malkeinu
Added: 9th August 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 702
Comments: 0

Alexandrina Chelu - Avinu Malkeinu (Stalos ve Oren Chen)- The jewish song composed by Stalos ve Oren Chen, sung by Alexandrina Chelu, from Romania, in the concert "Give peace a chance", for Hiroshima, Rock Filarmonica Oradea.

Tags: alexandrina chelu avinu malkeinu our father king jewish classic prayer song romania concert give peace chance hiroshima rock filarmonica oradea
The Inner Soul of Jonathan Pollard Speaks To You
Added: 20th July 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 404
Comments: 2

Jonathan Pollard has been incarcerated in USA prisons for nearly a quarter-century for crimes which carry a normal jail sentence of under five years. Listen to his video message from jail - look into his eyes - see his spirit after all this time - the gentleness and faith in the Jewish people -...

Tags: jonathan yonaton pollard prison jail spying friendly country israel united states secrets injustice
Eden Village Camp Jewish Eco-Camp Opens in 2010
Added: 18th July 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 357
Comments: 0

Jewish environmentalists celebrate new eco-camp - Eden Village Camp, the recipient of an incubation grant from the Foundation for Jewish Camp, which is scheduled to open in Summer 2010.

Tags: jewish environmentalists ecocamp eden village opening 2010 green movement
Twitter Prayer Video for Hostage Gilad Shalit
Added: 25th June 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 2735
Comments: 1

Prayer for Gilad Shalit - People from around the world join to send their thoughts to Gilad Shalit. As of June 25, 3009 Gilad has been in captivity for 3 years, well over 1,000 days without any contact with friends or family....

Tags: twitter prayer video israeli soldier captive hostage hamas gaza strip gilad shalit
WeJew Founder Radio Interview on Obama in Cairo
Added: 11th June 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 1570
Comments: 1

Audio: What Obama was REALLY Saying - A7 Radio's "The Tamar Yonah Show" interview with WeJew Founder Shlomo Wollins discuss the speech that U.S. President Obama gave this last week in Cairo. As Tamar plays some audio clips, they both peer through the cosmetic words Obama uses,...

Tags: audio mp3 news barack obama president united states speech cairo egypt analysis commentary middle east peace process expert opinion shlomo wollins
Jewish Sun Blessing Nature Power Video
Added: 25th May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 381
Comments: 0

Blessing of the Sun Nature Power Video - The Talmud, the oral tradition of the Jewish people, teaches Astronomy. It describes the anniversary of creation of the sun. On this day the sun appears in the sky at the exact place it was when first created! Wow what a concept! That anniversary occurs...

Tags: sun blessing jewish nature power creation genesis warmth planet environment birchas birkat hachama 28 years
Jon Voight True Israel Supporter
Added: 22nd May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 403
Comments: 0

Jon Voight - Leadel caught up with Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight at the Durban Review Conference in Geneva. Mr. Voight, though not Jewish himself, has a long and storied history with the Jewish community and he was happy to explain his connection to and appreciation of the Jewish people....

Tags: jon voight interview true israel supporter defender actor academy award durban righteous gentile
Chomesh Return on Lag BaOmer Chaim David Dancing
Added: 19th May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 361
Comments: 0

In the late summer of 2005, the Israeli government forcefully evacuated and destroyed a number of established towns in Gush Katif and also in the Shomron, one of which was Chomesh. On Lag BaOmer in 2009 (5769) - there was a joyous return to the ruins of Chomesh with a large family festival and as...

Tags: chomesh disengagement evacuation return festival musical performance live stage chaim david dancing
GreenPeace Israel Shock Trailer End of the World
Added: 14th May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 335
Comments: 0

Greenpeace Israel: the End of the World Trailer for a fictitious movie called 'The end of the World'. טריילר על סרט מדומה הנקרא סוף העולם

Tags: greenpeace israel global planet environmental warming preservation end world fictitious shock trailer
Yehuda Glantz Live Adon Olam with Israel Symphony
Added: 9th May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 2421
Comments: 1

Yehuda Glantz on the Charango playing with the Israel Symphony Orchestra Latin Adon Olam! www.myspace.com/yehudaglantz

Tags: yehuda glantz live stage performance jewish music charango israel symphony orchestra latin adon olam
Gaza and Israel Circle of Life
Added: 8th May 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 1136
Comments: 0

Gaza and Israel The Circle Of Life - A work made in 'recruited screen' course - third year in Bezalel - The video should work in a 'loop'.

Tags: gaza israel circle life animation bezalel political statement satire middle east terrorists missiles drawings
Yom HaZikaron Siren 2009 Life at Standtill
Added: 28th April 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 8354
Comments: 0

This raw footage video was taken by WeJew editor Shlomo Wollins at the Gan Sachar intersection in Jerusalem near the Knesset during the 2009 (5769) Yom HaZikaron (Fallen Soldiers' Remembrance Day) during the 2-minute siren that brings the entire state of Israel to a standstill in memory of the...

Tags: shlomo wollins editor yom hazikaron israel fallen soldiers fighters chayalim remembrance day gan sachar intersection standstill hazkara siren 2009 5769
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