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Taste of Chassidic Holy Jamming
Added: 17th November 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 422
Comments: 0

Oz V'Hadar: A Taste of Chassidic Jammin' - Yosef Karduner, Meir Solomon of the Moshav Band, and Rabbi Lazer Brody jam together singing the famous Breslever niggun "Oz V'Hadar" from "Aishet Chayil"

Tags: oz vhadar taste chassic jamming karduner meir solomon moshav band rabbi lazer brody emunah outreach breslev niggun
Yesh Ma L
Added: 24th June 2010
Posted By: BurtWest
Views: 1754
Comments: 0

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DESPAIR IN THIS WORLD AT ALL. We will not hang our heads and say there is nothing to do. There is something to do. Come and join us at http://www.yeshmalasot.org/jsite/index.php

Tags: Yesh Ma L'asot International Emunah Institute Haskamot Ramat Beit Shemesh English speaking Jewish community in Israel Rebbe Nachman of Breslev HaRav Shalom Arush shlita Baal Shem Tov Rabbi Nati Rabbi Daniel Channen Reb Ari Waldman Rabbi Goldstein Reb Akiva Reb Yaakov Raice Emunah-life-style Neshei Women's Division The Garden of Emunah The Garden of Peace The Garden of Yearning Women's Wisdom Burt West VO Promos Donuts Coffee AFTRA Shomer Shabbat Union Voice-Over Artist Sephardi Aliyah Uriel MaArav
Hashem Loves Me by Lazer Brody
Added: 20th December 2009
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 374
Comments: 0

Rabbi Lazer Brody: Hashem Loves Me - This is a pictorial introduction to the CD that has given inspiration and encouragement to tens of thousands of people around the world. "Hashem Loves Me" and all the other Rabbi Shalom Arush - Rabbi Lazer Brody CDs and books are available at...

Tags: hashem loves me rabbi lazer brody cd promo inspiration shalom arush breslov chassidut
Lesson of the Burnt Toast - Better Marriage Series
Added: 23rd July 2009
Posted By: Emuna
Views: 598
Comments: 0

Rabbi Lazer Brody shows how in three minutes, how you can be a better husband! All you need to do is to learn the lesson of the burnt toast, and never ever criticize your wife...

Tags: marital advice marriage Jewish home family counseling Jewish humor chassidim Breslev Lazer Brody
New Movie Series Based on Rebbe Nachman Stories
Added: 28th June 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 401
Comments: 0

Video: Trailer for new movie - "A Story of Faith" ("Ma'aseh Meā€™Bitachon"). The movie is part of a new series of films which will bring to the screen the stories written by the late sage, Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.

Tags: rabbi nachman breslev trailer movie
Birkat HaChama - Jerusalem
Added: 8th April 2009
Posted By: akivam
Views: 4670
Comments: 0

Birkat HaChama, the once every 28 years blessing on the creation of the sun, as of April 8, 2009 in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem, Israel, in the crowd with HaRav HaTzadik Shalom Arush, shlita and the Breslev chassidim of yeshiva Chut Shel Chesed.

Tags: birkat hachama sun blessing jerusalem israel meah shearim rav tzadik arush shalom jerusalem israel
Breslev in Gaza
Added: 13th January 2009
Posted By: breslev
Views: 374
Comments: 1

Amazing clip of Breslev chassidim spreading Rabbi Nachman sefarim (books) around Gaza.

Tags: breslev gaza chassidim rabbi nachman book sefer gaza strip
Karduner and Brody Singing Breslev Aishet Chayil
Added: 31st December 2008
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 707
Comments: 0

Yosef Karduner and Rabbi Lazer Brody sing the Breslever version of Aishet Chayil, sung at the Shabbat eve meal before Kiddush. Your wife deserves to hear you sing Aishet Chayil this Shabbat. Wait and see how she smiles at you!

Tags: yosef karduner rabbi lazer brody aishet chayil holy lyrics shabbat shabbos evening meal kiddush breslov breslev rebbe nachman
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