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Virtual Animation of Critical Security Needs of Israel
Added: 4th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 214
Comments: 0

Critical Security Needs of Israel For Real Peace Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace - In any future agreement with the Palestinians, Israel has a critical need for defensible borders. This video outlines the threats to Israel from terrorist rockets, ballistic missiles,...

Tags: israel critical security needs viable true real peace future agreement palestinians rights defensible borders terrorist rockets missiles hamas hezbullah iranian proxies ground air sea
Justice Denied To Jonathan Pollard For One Quarter Century
Added: 22nd October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 160
Comments: 0

Justice Denied To Jonathan Pollard Learn more about the case of Jonathan Pollard (excerpted from www.jonathanpollard.com): • Jonathan Pollard was a civilian American Naval intelligence analyst. In the mid 1980's (circa 1983-1984), Pollard discovered that information vital to...

Tags: justice denied jonathan pollard 25 years prison life sentence travesty betrayal
Israel General Eiland How to Eliminate Palestinian Threat
Added: 20th October 2010
Posted By: jcenter
Views: 57
Comments: 0

In order to operate anti rocket and missile systems efficiently and effectively, Israel needs a tactical distance of several kilometers from the location of the enemy forces, Gen. Eiland said at the June 2, 2010 conference sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Tags: idf palestinians palestinian defense israel conflict jerusalem military "middle east" arabs
Security Needs of Israel Intl Airport
Added: 18th October 2010
Posted By: jcenter
Views: 48
Comments: 0

Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport is only 6 miles from the West Bank, putting it into range for indirect fire, explains Vice Admiral Brian Peterman, U.S. Coast Guard (ret.) Even shoulder-fired missiles can bring down an airplane, he explains.

Tags: Israel airport Ben Gurion Airport security West Bank
Peres Demands UN Take Stand Against Iran
Added: 3rd October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 71
Comments: 0

Israel's President Shimon Peres on Monday demanded a strong international stand against terror in a speech to the United Nations's General Assembly in New York. He also asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to condemn missile fire from Gaza.

Tags: israeli president shimon peres united nations speech terror iran general assembly missiles gaza
The True Choices Of IDF Soldiers
Added: 31st August 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 467
Comments: 1

The Truth about the IDF - If posed with the question, "Chose between risking killing children and take out a Terrorist, or do not take that risk and risk your children being hit by missiles?" How would you choose? http://shoebat.com/

Tags: truth idf israel defense forces soldiers true choices hard civilians terrorists morality missiles
Eilat Israel and Jordan Hit By Rockets From Egypt
Added: 3rd August 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 398
Comments: 0

Jordan and Israel come under rocket fire. Israeli police said at least five rockets were fired toward its southern resort of Eilat, but there were no immediate reports of casualties. Meanwhile, Jordan reported one blast hit its city of Aqaba, killing one.

Tags: rocket attacks missile egypt sinai eilat israel jordan injuries death aqaba port city
Disengagement Denial Spoof from LatmaTV
Added: 26th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 451
Comments: 0

Disengagement Denial - spoof video satire marking the 5th year after the ill-conceived and failed plan that removed all Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip in the effort for peace - that resulted in terror state in Gaza by Hamas and many lost lives in Sderot from Kassam missiles. source:...

Tags: disengagement denial gush katif hitnakut five years failure satire latmatv
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