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Border Guard Policeman Abuses Protestor
Added: 22nd July 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 1698
Comments: 0

On Monday July 20, 2009, a group of nationalist protestors gathered outside an army base in southern Shomron to protest the destruction of several buildings in Jewish towns. The protestors said they remained on the sidewalk and did not obstruct traffic. Despite this, they said, a policeman...

Tags: police violence settlements outposts
Jews Attacking Jews In Jerusalem
Added: 19th July 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 538
Comments: 1

Jews Attacking Jews In Jerusalem - The arrest of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman accused of starving her 3-year-old son has sparked three days of violent clashes in Jerusalem between religious and secular Jews.

Tags: jerusalem riots clash secular religious parking lot mother jailed abuse son street vandalism
Dysfunction of the United Nations
Added: 4th July 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 281
Comments: 0

Dysfunction of the UN - Durban II featured states that, although signatories to human rights treaties and conventions, are some of the worst abusers in the world. How can the UN look the other way when such atrocities are taking place? The Leadel team heard some harrowing tales from survivors of...

Tags: un united nations expose documentary dysfunction durban conference human rights farce iran sudan libya leadel
Shocking Video of Jewish Children Converted by Missionaries
Added: 1st July 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
Views: 931
Comments: 5

20/20 Clip - Converting Jewish Children - Imagine your child coming home and telling you he was persuaded to leave Judaism and convert to another religion. 20/20 investigates missionary practices that border on child abuse.

Tags: conversion missionaries child abuse kids jewish news feature story shocking
International Law and Israel
Added: 18th June 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 2010
Comments: 0

Many use the cry of international law to attack defensive moves by the Jewish state, but what level of compliance is Israel required to abide by? As seen on Arutz Sheva. IsraelNationalNews.com

Tags: inntv israel national news palestine zionism islam muslim hamas hezbollah terrorism suicide bombing kassam rockets plo koran jihad war peace united nations un jewish state abuse cast lead gaza occupation liberation
Israeli Music Scene 2006 Best of Best
Added: 8th June 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 412
Comments: 0

Israeli Music Scene 2006 - the best singers of Israel - 2006, on one stage: Keren Peles, Idan Yaniv, Biet Habubut, Harel Skaat, and Ninet. the name of the song: "After elimination of sound and image"

Tags: best israel musicians singers 2006 live stage keren peles idan yaniv beit habubut harel skaat ninet
Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Called Zio-Nazi at Durban
Added: 25th April 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 509
Comments: 1

Elie Wiesel Verbally Abused as 'Zio-Nazi' by Ahmadinejad Entourage at Durban II - after surviving the Holocaust and working for decades to track down the Nazi criminals who have escaped justice - this great man was visibly shaken by the anti-semitic and horrible protestors outside the Durban...

Tags: elie weisel holocaust survivor activist durban propaganda conference nazi protestors
Arab Hate Teaching
Added: 15th April 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
Views: 1062
Comments: 1

Jews teach their children to love - but the Islamic Arab world teach their children to hate (source: MEMRI). This video is truly shocking and exhibits the Nazi-like child propaganda that led to the death of millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

Tags: arabic islamic world teach children hatred propaganda child abuse antisemtism memri
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