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KabbalaToons: Path of Most Resistance
Added: 19th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 503
Comments: 0

KabbalaToons: Path of Most Resistance In this amazing series of flash lessons from Jewish mysticism, here is #2 in the series: "The Path of Most Resistance". Some airplanes fly because they are pushing air downward. But most of them fly because they are pushing air upward. Don’t...

Tags: kabbala kabbalah toons path most resistance chabad rabbi infinity kids children chinuch lessons cartoons
Israeli Firm Reveals Taxibot for Better Airports
Added: 18th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 1389
Comments: 0

TAXIBOT - TaxiBot system, a semi-robotic towbarless tractor that tows an aircraft from the airport gate to the take-off point (taxi-out phase) and returns it to the gate after landing (taxi-in phase). Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Lufthansa have successfully tested the TaxiBot, a...

Tags: taxibot technology robotic tractor aircraft airplane airport taxi phase business
Security Needs of Israel Intl Airport
Added: 18th October 2010
Posted By: jcenter
Views: 48
Comments: 0

Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport is only 6 miles from the West Bank, putting it into range for indirect fire, explains Vice Admiral Brian Peterman, U.S. Coast Guard (ret.) Even shoulder-fired missiles can bring down an airplane, he explains.

Tags: Israel airport Ben Gurion Airport security West Bank
Reb Shlomo Carlebach You Never Know Trailer
Added: 11th October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 344
Comments: 0

There are two questions you can ask another human being: What are you? and Who are you? If you ask What are you you destroy the world. If you ask Who are you? you build the world (Shlomo Carlebach). In 1966, at a festival in Berkley, between Pete Seeger and Jefferson Airplane, a young Rabbi...

Tags: rebbe shlomo carlebach singer gevalt teacher archive footage documentary film you never know guitar stories movie famous personality hero
New Israeli High-tech Devices to Boost Airport Security
Added: 1st August 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 4629
Comments: 0

New Israeli High-tech Devices to Boost Airport Security - Israel's main airport has long been considered among the world's safest. Now Israeli companies are developing many new high-tech devices to further boost airport security and avert airplane attacks.

Tags: israeli high-tech technology improved security airports flights terrorist attacks innovation
IDF Crash Team Leaves Romania for Israel
Added: 30th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 273
Comments: 0

IDF Search Team Delegation Leaves Romania for Israel - A number of Yasur (CH-53) helicopters departed from the Romanian crash site to return back to Israel with some of the IDF search team members. The delegation will leave over the course of the next couple of days in a gradual manner. In...

Tags: idf search rescue delegation helicopter crash site romania iaf yasur exercise tragedy death pilots air force israeli
Israeli F-15 Lands With Only One Wing
Added: 28th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 9638
Comments: 1

An amazing video - after a mid-air collision - an Israeli F-15 lands with only one wing - remarkable flying skills and composure.

Tags: israel f-15 warplane airplane collision landing one wing flying skills military jewish pilot
Praying on an Airplane
Added: 22nd April 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
Views: 203
Comments: 0

Hilchot Tefillah by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva.

Tags: praying airplane flight hilchot tefillah halacha rabbi chaim brovender rosh webyeshiva travel jewish laws
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