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Jewish Rapper Y-Love Hip Hops in Aramaic
Added: 5th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 631
Comments: 3

Y-Love is rapping Aramaic - If you think a white rapper like Eminem is unusual, How about Y-Love, a Puerto Rican father and Ethiopian mother in the United States, decided to convert and do hip - hop Aramaic.

Tags: y-love jewish rapper hip hop aramaic puerto rican father ethiopian mother convert judaism fusion activist teacher educator cool
Y-Love Diwon Aramaic Remix Lady Gaga at Shemspeed Rap Fest
Added: 30th May 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 188
Comments: 0

Y-Love and Diwon remix Lady Gaga in Aramaic at Shemspeed Rap Fest - too cool...

Tags: y-love ylove jewish rapper diwon shemspeed rap fest remix lady gaga aramaic music video live stage performance
Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls
Added: 8th October 2008
Posted By: wehavehistory
Views: 734
Comments: 0

Excellent short docu-film covering the historic discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in Israel. The Dead Sea Scrolls consist of roughly 1,000 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1979 in eleven caves in and around the Wadi Qumran (near the ruins of the...

Tags: documentary discovery archaelogy find ancient jewish dead sea scrolls evidence archive historic qumran
Idan Raichel Project
Added: 27th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 651
Comments: 0

Idan Raichel's Project - Mima'amakim. Awesome music video! The Idan Raichel Project burst onto the Israeli music scene in 2002, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering a message of love and tolerance that resonated strongly in a region of the world where the headlines...

Tags: idan raichel live stage ethiopian keyboardist composer kfar saba niggun music video mimamakim hebrew aramaic yeminite ivrit
Ushpizin Miracle Prayers
Added: 20th December 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
Views: 600
Comments: 0

In this moving scene from the great movie "Ushpizin" (Aramaic for Guests) - a Jewish couple of deep faith (and debts) pray for a miracle in a holiday lottery to save them from poverty and to afford the holy articles for the Sukkot holiday.

Tags: movie hebrew ivrit cinema ushpizin chassidic film marriage luck mazal lottery prayer sukkot holiday miracle scene ushpizin couple faith debt
Y-Love Chassid Rap
Added: 4th September 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
Views: 606
Comments: 0

Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is an MC unlike any other. He is a black convert into the Bostoner sect of chassidus (the mystical branch of Orthodox Judaism). He is among the most innovative freestylers on the scene, weaving seamless polyglot rhymes in English, Arabic, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Most unique is...

Tags: jewish judaism jews chasidic music video rap hiphop hebrew convert conversion aramaic torah law interview documentary story biography
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