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Light Video Art Festival Jerusalem Old City Zedekiah Cave
Added: 16th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 311
Comments: 0

The Underwater World - Zedekiah's Cave at Light in Jerusalem 10 (Old City, Jerusalem, 09.06.10) - Light Video Art Festival in old city of Jerusalem. Green Trail - Site number 24 - A tour overflowing with lights and sounds underneath the ground. The tour is a magical experience that imitates...

Tags: light video art festival old city jerusalem 2010 underwater world zedekiah cave amazing lights sounds special effects special event
Song of Devorah by Lazer Beams
Added: 21st November 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
Views: 280
Comments: 0

Song of Devorah by Lazer Beams

Tags: rabbi lazer brody song deborah devorah
Song of Devorah Lazer Beams Brody
Added: 20th February 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
Views: 397
Comments: 0

Rabbi Lazer Beams Brody travels to the far northern border of Israel to "sing" the Song of Devorah from an ancient book of Jewish prophecy (Shoftim - Book of Judges - Chapter 5).

Tags: rabbi lazer beams brody northern israeli border sing song devorah prophetess nature holy land book judges shoftim perek five 5
Tour Ancient Holy Ashdod with Lazer Beams Brody
Added: 31st January 2009
Posted By: tourtheholy
Views: 360
Comments: 0

A Tour of Ancient Ashdod with Rabbi Lazer Beams Brody - A tour of ancient Ashdod, first built by the Philistines, then captured and rebuilt by King Uziahu, subsequently conquered by the Romans and later the site of a Byzantine fortress. This little-known gem of history and archaeology is...

Tags: tour israel holy land lazer beams brody ancient ashdod philistines king uziahu romans byzantine fortress vacation visit touring beautiful beaches coast history archaeology
Walking With God Beaches of Israel
Added: 28th January 2009
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 553
Comments: 1

Walking with God - Rabbi Lazer Brody - This two-minute clip unlocks the secret to inner peace - filmed on the gorgeous Israeli coast of the Mediterranean between Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Tags: walking god beaches coast israel secrets inner peace mediterranean ashkelon ashdod rabbi lazer beams brody chassid breslov nachman life wisdom guide lessons truth tradition
Shlomo Katz and Lazer Brody Bless
Added: 16th December 2008
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 583
Comments: 0

Birkat Cohanim: The Priestly Blessing - Close your eyes, and imagine that we're together in the Holy Temple in rebuilt Jerusalem. Here is a blessing for all of our viewers and readers, from the mouth of a

Tags: birkat cohanim priestly blessing shlomo katz rabbi lazer brody beams live stage performance bracha
Lazer Brody On Parental Outreach
Added: 13th November 2008
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 358
Comments: 0

The prolific and holy Rabbi Lazer Brody talks about the delicate subject of kiruv" ("outreach") with regard to a person who returns to Judaism ("baal teshuva") and whose parents are not (yet) religious.

Tags: lazer beams rabbi brody kiruv outreach parents baal teshuva guidance advice life lessons inlaws love wife
The Uman Niggun Israel Special Nite
Added: 6th November 2008
Posted By: emunaupdate
Views: 295
Comments: 0

The Uman Niggun - This is a segment of a very special evening in Kfar Daniel, Israel with the Kisufim Trio from Tekoa and Rav Lazer Brody.

Tags: uman niggun music kumsitz special evening kfar daniel israel kisufim trio tekoa rav rabbi lazer brody beams simcha gedolah
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