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Daylight - The Story Of Obama And Israel
Added: 4nd March 2012
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 1799
Comments: 0

Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel. Daylight is a just-released, 30-minute expose of Obama's hostile relationship with Israel. The film is produced by The Emergency Committee For Israel. ECI has initiated a comprehensive ad campaign taking not only Obama to task, but also his allies...

Tags: daylight true story expose documentary obama israel relationship ally adversary zionism 2012 elections
Egyptian Lawyer Says Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Woman As Resistance
Added: 6th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 389
Comments: 1

According to this female Egyptian lawyer, arab men should sexually harass Israeli woman as resistance - In this video provided by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), the Al-Arabiya News Channel informs the Arab World that an Egyptian lawyer believes that young Arab men should sexually...

Tags: arab men sexually harass israeli woman jihad resistance sick islamic lawyer rape land memri egyptian lawyer
The Gentlemans Agreement Trailer
Added: 11th August 2008
Posted By: wehavehistory
Views: 494
Comments: 0

Gentleman's Agreement Trailer - The best of the few Hollywood treatments of anti-Semitism. Gregory Peck gives the right gravity to his role of a magazine reporter who comes to understand in a personal way the barriers imposed by prejudice when, to add depth to his magazine feature, he takes on a...

Tags: gentlemans agreement movie trailer 1948 classic subject antisemitism journalist reporter hollywood treatment antisemitism gregory peck magazine prejudice barriers novel best seller academy award picture year 1948
The Jewish Americans Series
Added: 30th June 2008
Posted By: wehavehistory
Views: 1678
Comments: 0

THE JEWISH AMERICANS, a three-part documentary series written and directed by the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker David Grubin, examines the struggle of a tiny minority to make its way into the American mainstream. While the story of Jewish life in America is emblematic of the American immigrant...

Tags: jewish americans archive history documentary series pbs emmy award winner david grubin diaspora united states communities minority mainstream assimilation story stereotype discrimination accomplishments arts commerce science academia landmark film 350 years new amsterdam 17th century culture
Perfect Like Ann Coulter
Added: 7th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 777
Comments: 1

The latest offering from satirist Leah Kauffman, the musical mind behind the 'Obama Girl' videos, takes a shot at conservative commentator Ann Coulter. The video, featured in a blog post on in the ABC blog Political Punch, goes after Coulter in a far more serious tone that her previous videos....

Tags: perfect like ann coulterism abcnews broadcoast satirist satire spoof parody comedy leah kauffman musical commentator bigot antisemite arrogant blonde hair music video
Israel Passover Terrorism
Added: 25th April 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 353
Comments: 0

Two Israeli security guards deployed at the Nitzanei Shalom industrial park at Nitzanei Oz located between Tulkarm and Netanya were murdered in a terror shooting at the site. A Palestinian gunman stood at the gate and fired at the two guards before fleeing The two were identified as Shimon...

Tags: israel passover terrorist attack two dead israeli security guards netanya tulkarm palestinian sniper news april 2008 syria nuclear site north korea jimmy carter antisemitism bigot hands blood
Dershowitz on Carter
Added: 29th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 799
Comments: 0

On Shalom TV, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz describes President Jimmy Carter as an "anti-Israel bigot," saying that he has no sympathy for the Jewish people. "If you're an Israeli, Carter doesn't like you. If you're an Arab or a Muslim, he likes you." Dershowitz goes on to address the...

Tags: jewish judge lawyer professor author alan dershowitz analysis opinion interview expert president jimmy carter anti israel bigot antisemitism shalomtv cable
Added: 22nd October 2007
Posted By: israelhistorian
Views: 2446
Comments: 0

I remember when I lived in the United States (now in Israel ten years) and Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer was our President. Despite being a child, I can recall wondering how such a mental midget could become head of the most powerful nation in the world. However, what was unclear at that time...

Tags: flash animation jimmy carter united states president antisemitism hatred racist bigot author jihad
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