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Survivor Of Islam - Brigitte Gabriel Speaks Candidly
Added: 16th December 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 1091
Comments: 0

Brigitte Gabriel, a survivor of Islamic Middle East - Brigitte Gabriel's story of growing up in Lebanon as a Christian and what happened when Christian Lebanon gave sanctuary to muslim refugees. Christians in Lebanon were rewarded with death, starvation, and hated by the muslims. It is an...

Tags: brigitte gabriel speech blasts political correctness pc act! for america founder effects gwot fight radical islam america expert analysis opinion
Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Political Correctness
Added: 15th October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 265
Comments: 0

Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Political Correctness - ACT! for America Founder and President, Brigitte Gabriel delineates the disastrous effect Political Correctness is having on our leaders and citizens in the fight against Radical Islam in America. She lambastes its debilitating power to render...

Tags: brigitte gabriel speech blasts political correctness pc act! for america founder effects gwot fight radical islam america expert analysis opinion
Brigitte Gabriel and The Israeli Ambulance Driver
Added: 1st April 2009
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 835
Comments: 0

Brigitte Gabriel: The Israeli Ambulance Driver Middle East expert Brigitte Gabriel speaks. Brigitte Gabriel has become one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on Global Islamic terrorism. She is a member of the board of Advisors of the Intelligence...

Tags: brigitte gabriel israeli ambulance driver middle east expert arab lebanon refugee terrorism expert global information analysis powerful speaker speech islamic jihad expert opinion insight commentary palestinians
Very Famous Women in Jewish History Morph Vid
Added: 16th February 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
Views: 1342
Comments: 0

Famous Jewish Women in History - Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, Gloria Swanson, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Ruth Chatterton, Jean Harlow, Katharine Hepburn, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Barbara Stanwyck, Vivien Leigh, Greer Garson, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, Olivia...

Tags: amazing video famous jewish women history 20th twentieth century actresses activists soundtrack bach cello suite
Brigitte Gabriel Because They Hate
Added: 28th August 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 732
Comments: 0

Sean Hannity & Brigitte Gabriel On Radical Islam (foxnews) - Brigitte Gabriel: "When the Moslems and Palestinians declared Jihad on the Christians in 1975, they started massacring the Christians, city after city. I ended up living in a bomb shelter underground from age 10 to 17, without...

Tags: brigitte gabriel because they hate survivor radical islam jihad reformed zionist speaker author lecturer commentary insight opinion middle east israel foxnews sean hannity feature television news report special child abuse arab media
Brigitte Gabriel Interview
Added: 12th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 694
Comments: 0

An extended (46-minute) interview with one of the true media warriors of our time - Brigitte Gabriel. In this candid talk, Ms. Gabriel takes us through her life growing up in Lebanon at the hands of the then nascent "palestinian" terror uprising. Today, Brigitte Gabriel is an American...

Tags: brigitte gabriel journalist author speaker founder american congress truth education islam jihad terrorism duke university 2004 expert opinion analysis lebanon palestinian history warning
No Spin on Palestinians
Added: 6th April 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 409
Comments: 0

Bill O'Reilly and Middle East expert Brigitte Gabriel lay out the "real truth" about the "ancient palestinians" with hardly a minced word - rare and total truth - is the world ready for it? Here is the "No Spin Zone" on the palestinian myth.

Tags: bill reilly brigitte gabriel interview debate middle east politics television news palestinian statehood culture death jihad islam truth analysis opinion commentary oslo peace process
Brigitte Gabriel World Truth
Added: 20th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 608
Comments: 0

Brigitte Gabriel speaks about here own personal experience with Islamic Jihadists and the danger it poses to freedom loving people. She is the author of the book, "Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America". After the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 Brigitte founded...

Tags: brigitte gabriel world truth speech lecture education wisdom courage islamic jihadist danger freedom because hate survivor terror american congress guest television
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