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Darwin Evolution vs ID Intelligent Design Creationism Documentary
Added: 28th February 2011
Posted By: robertbrownell
Views: 540
Comments: 2

A scientific documentary on Intelligent Design and Evolution, great for Biology Study. It tries to find the question, where did we come from. Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Tags: Biology science Education G-d Evolution Intelligent Design Creationism ID Darwin Charles atheism atheist
Chanukah's Secret To Greatness
Added: 25th November 2010
Posted By: light7
Views: 206
Comments: 0

Charles Harary gives a message that we can all apply to our life for more chanuka info aish.com/h/c/

Tags: chanukah aish hatorah greatness success holdiays personal growth
The Seder Video: What Takes So Long
Added: 22nd March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 736
Comments: 0

The Seder: What Takes So Long - another amazing Harary video with Charles Harary - find meaning in your Passover.

Tags: seder video passover pesach what takes so long harary presentation meaning connection freedom potential aish hatorah
Darwins Dilemma Trailer
Added: 17th March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 339
Comments: 0

Darwin's Dilemma Trailer - The third film in Illustra Media's long-planned Intelligent Design series is Darwin's Dilemma. This documentary will examine what many consider to be the most powerful refutation of Darwinian evolution - the Cambrian fossil record. Charles Darwin...

Tags: darwins dilemma documentary film trailer intelligent design flaws theory evolution cambrian geological era existence purpose
Purim Stepping Up to Your Unique Life Mission
Added: 27th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 368
Comments: 0

Purim Stepping Up - Purim and your unique role in life. Another great video with Charles Harary.

Tags: purim stepping up unique role life mission tafkid breaking personal barriers aish hatorah video charles harary
Matisyahu 2009 Tour Journal 3
Added: 30th December 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 300
Comments: 0

Set to the tune of "Smash Lies" from the album, "Light," this clip takes us through Birmingham, New Orleans, Asheville, and Charleston....enjoy!

Tags: matisyahu jewish reggae rapper star songwriter live stage concert jam tour journal 3 smash lies birmingham new orleans asheville charleston usa
The David Project Founder Interview
Added: 18th February 2009
Posted By: davidproject
Views: 354
Comments: 0

The David Project - Charles Jacobs a long time anti-slavery advocate formed the David Project to promote a fair and honest view of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between the Jews and Arabs. Live interview by Yishai Fleisher, program director of IsraelNationalRadio.com

Tags: interview david project founder charles jacob honest view conflict middle east jews arabs israel yishai fleisher israel national radio education campus films hasbara objective facts
Elon Gold Funny Man
Added: 13th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 2941
Comments: 0

As a Boston University student at the tender age of 19, the Boston Herald hailed Elon Gold as “a comedy star on the rise.” Five years later, Comedy Central selected him and three others (including Dave Chappelle) to be profiled in their Pipeline series of future comedy stars. Today,...

Tags: elon gold jewish comedian funny man star comedy central bronx comic performer actor writer impression mimick wife son family
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