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InOverOurHeads - Rough Expectations 1 - Jewish Reality TV
Added: 17th January 2010
Posted By: InOverOurHeads
Views: 1010
Comments: 0

InOverOurHeads is a mind-bending reality series that sneaks a peek at the crazy lives of a few close friends. Episode 2 deals with meeting expectations (community, parents, spouse, G-d, and self). In Jewish culture, these expectations can be so strong that they interfere with people's...

Tags: Jewish Television TV SCTV Sharon Judaism Chassidic Hassidic Hasidic Chasidic Boston Israel Torah "Shalom TV" Network soul mates soulmates mate soulmate bashert basherte zivug kabala kabbala kabbalah
Soul Mates - Episode 2 Promo - Jewish Reality TV
Added: 24th December 2009
Posted By: InOverOurHeads
Views: 399
Comments: 0

We're InOverOurHeads! Are you? ... Join us for an experiment in Jewish reality television. InOverOurHeads sneaks a peek at the crazy lives of a few close friends coping with the realities of life as young, Jewish parents. We hang out, sneak away from our hectic lives, and often wander...

Tags: Jewish Television TV Sharon Judaism Chassidic Hassidic Hasidic Chasidic Boston Israel Torah "Shalom TV" Network soul mates soulmates mate soulmate bashert basherte zivug
InOverOurHeads - Series Promo 1
Added: 24th December 2009
Posted By: InOverOurHeads
Views: 286
Comments: 0

In Over Our Heads is a dynamic reality and discussion series featuring five young men and women who explore the challenges of being young, commited Jewish parents in modern American society. The discussions are honest, lively, heated, humorous, ... irreverent, yet deeply spiritual ... and...

Tags: Jewish TV Sharon Cable Show In Over Our Heads InOverOurHeads SCTV Jewish Television SCTV Judaism Chassidic Hassidic Hasidic Chasidic Boston Israel Torah Shalom TV Network Jewish TV Chabad
Daniel Ahaviel The Chassidic Violinist
Added: 18th November 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 1084
Comments: 0

Daniel Ahaviel אמן הכינו×Ø ×”×™×”×•×“×™ - דניאל אהביאל

Tags: daniel ahaviel jewish violin maestro musician stage live performance
The One on One Jam With Matisyahu and Himself
Added: 1st October 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 712
Comments: 0

Matisyahu doesn't look or act like your typical reggae musician, and needless to say, he's probably been thrown some interesting interview questions in the past. In the following clip, however, he's pitted against his toughest interviewer yet - himself. Watch as the Chassidic...

Tags: matisyahu one on one himself reggae jewish rapper music star self interview beard fun
Matisyahu Live at Soho Synagogue
Added: 25th September 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 711
Comments: 0

Chassidic Reggae artist Matisyahu performs at the The SoHo Synagogue 2006

Tags: matisyahu live soho synagogue chassidic reggae rap musician artist
Avraham Fried at National Jewish Retreat
Added: 17th September 2009
Posted By: akivam
Views: 708
Comments: 0

Video from the Jewish Learning Institute's National Jewish Retreat, featuring Avraham Fried in concert.

Tags: avraham fried jli jewish retreat chabad chassidic chabad house lubavitch
Shivi Keller Plays Ein Od Milvado at Kever of Bar Yachai
Added: 15th August 2009
Posted By: israelhillmusic
Views: 634
Comments: 0

Shivi Keller Plays Ein Od Milvado at Kever of Rebbe Shimon - one of the sweetest and holiest musicians of the neo-chassidic genre in Israel is Shivi Keller. Here is raw footage of Shivi playing his first hit "Ein Od Milvado" ("There is nothing outside of Him") at the kever...

Tags: shivi keller ein od milvado rabbi shimon bar yachai kever raw footage gravesite chassidic musician songwriter holy sweet lyrics
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