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Jewish Recipe for Shabbat of a Grandma
Added: 25th August 2011
Posted By: IsraeliTov
Views: 222
Comments: 0

Secret Jewish Recipe for Shabbat of Grandma Eti : Hamin by IsraeliTov, you can find the tutorial of the recipe with the ingredients for sale in the website : http://www.israelitov.com/ - 1 bag of white beans - 500 g of peeled potatoes - 500 g of chuck beef or chicken - 2 sweet potatoes -...

Tags: jewish recipe hamin israel food kosher stew grandma israelitov
Blazing Chicken Kabobs
Added: 17th May 2011
Posted By: kosherchannel
Views: 258
Comments: 0

Spicy Mediterranean inspired and tender. Easy to make, easy to eat. Recipe on theKosherChannel.com

Tags: kosher cooking video recipe Israel thekosherchannel grilling chicken kabobs
Quick and Kosher Chicken Tacos with Jamie Geller
Added: 11th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 207
Comments: 0

Chicken Tacos - Quick & Kosher with Jamie Geller Jamie Geller shows you how to make her Chicken Taco recipe included in her new book, Quick and Kosher: Meals In Minutes. For all your kosher food needs, please shop http://www.kosher.com

Tags: kosher food jamie geller quick chicken tacos new book author meals recipes jewish food
Voices TV - Fairy Tales at Mamilla Mall
Added: 8th April 2010
Posted By: Sharon
Views: 267
Comments: 0

Voices TV was on hand at Mamilla Mall's stories and legends sculpture exhibition. There's a wide array of tales from Alice in Wonderland to Rabbi Akiva and the chicken. www.voices-magazine.com

Tags: Alrov Mamilla Mall sculpture art exhibition Mamilla Sharon Katz
Doing Kaparot with Respect to the Animals
Added: 24th September 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 2653
Comments: 0

One of the rituals of the Days of Awe is Kaparot. Kaparot is a method of atonement carried out on the days before Yom Kippur. One takes a chicken, or money, and waves it around the head three times. The chicken is then slaughtered and given to charity as is the money if used in place of the...

Tags: kaparot
The Jewish Chicken Lady Hero in Israel
Added: 11th September 2008
Posted By: israhero
Views: 1233
Comments: 3

This is a remarkable example of "tikkun olam" (fixing the world) and kindness - a 97-year-old lady that feeds 1000s of families with chickens for Shabbat. A modern-day hero for the Jewish families in need. (source: Aish HaTorah)

Tags: amazing chicken lady jerusalem gemach kindness chesed tikkun olam food shabbat shabbas
Annapolis Death Map
Added: 2nd December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 1122
Comments: 0

This political satire was issue a couple of years ago - but astonishingly, it is the same exact political suicide being conducted by the same players (ref. Livni) - even a chicken will not trample over fire after being burned.

Tags: israel death map politics cartoos satire knesset annapolis wye oslo madrid peace conference olmert livni sharon peres summit islam jihad land surrender danger holocaust
Schindlers List 6
Added: 24th July 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
Views: 1714
Comments: 0

"Make Me a Hinge!" Schindler visits labor camp - Making hinges - Stolen chicken. These video excerpts are for promotional use only. After previewing this film please purchase the full 3hour+ version here: www.schindlerslist.com. This film is rated R for language, nudity, and actuality violence....

Tags: holocaust schindler hero list movie film six million germany red dress steven spielberg ghetto death
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