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Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online
Added: 20th November 2008
Posted By: wehavehistory
Views: 391
Comments: 0

"These are the earliest copies of the Bible ever found," said Pnina Shor, head of treatment and conservation at the Antiquities Authority. "The Bible is sacred to us and to you and to all the monotheistic religions, and therefore [the scrolls] are national treasures and world treasures, and...

Tags: ancient dead sea scrolls virtual online computer access preview high technology israel conservation history antiquities authority bible sacred evidence
Chassidic Spielberg The Film Fanatic
Added: 17th November 2008
Posted By: moviejewie
Views: 1120
Comments: 0

The 'Hasidic Steven Spielberg' is torn between his passion for filmmaking and his socially conservative community that frowns upon it. "Film Fanatic" is the story of a man who struggles to make great films while still being accepted by his fellow ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, Jews, who don't...

Tags: chassidic movie film producer yehuda grovais chareidi mores ultra orthodox balance dreams career technology modern director women role religious society pioneer
Learn Hebrew Online Video Promo
Added: 9th November 2008
Posted By: teachyou
Views: 550
Comments: 0

About HebrewOnline.com - eTeacher, the owner of HebrewOnline.com, is the exclusive holder of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' franchise to teach Hebrew online, and the holder of Israel's Ministry of Education franchise for online tutoring. The school was established 5 years ago and today...

Tags: ulpan hebrew learning education online alef bet beginner immediate advanced biblical conversational phrases grammar virtual teachers promotional
Israel High Tech Power Video
Added: 6th August 2008
Posted By: israhitech
Views: 720
Comments: 0

An outstanding video production that highlights the leading role that the modern state of Israel has played in the development of global technology. Excellent clips from interviews with the head management of some of the biggest technology firms in the world give testimony to the role that Israel...

Tags: israel high technology leader innovation invention computers medicine incubator patents management major companies praise labor skilled educated trained presentation interviews powerful executives
Israeli Military Communications Video
Added: 18th June 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 460
Comments: 0

(HEBREW) A short video presentation on the critical communications' systems that power the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). In modern warfare, these systems can be the difference between defeat and victory. See the high technology being utilized to defend Israel and its People.

Tags: israeli military communications walkie talkie computers high technology modern warfare hebrew ivrit idf
Weizenbaum Rebel At Work Trailer
Added: 8th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 377
Comments: 0

"WEIZENBAUM. REBEL AT WORK" Trailer in English (2007) The 80-minute film portraits Joseph Weizenbaum, the legendary M.I.T. professor of computer science that has become a cult figure in Germany and Central Europe. The Jewish Weizenbaum family left Germany and their family furrier business in...

Tags: joseph weizenbaum rebel work trailer creator first computer legend professor inventor cult figure germany europe banking history archive biography life story science pioneer institute technology
How Computers Ambushed TV
Added: 3rd June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 234
Comments: 0

Peter Hirshberg gives a impressive speech at COM.vention Israel 2008 (in April) covering the topic: "Computers Ambushed TV" - really good talk (31 minutes).

Tags: speech comvention israel 2008 peter hirshberg computers ambushed television internet video streaming lecture education technology business
Israel Computer Waiter
Added: 16th April 2008
Posted By: Yarden
Views: 334
Comments: 0

Computer technology has taken the world by storm, but how would you feel about ordering food from a copmputerised screen, instead of waiting for a good looking waiter or waitress to jot down your request. Customers can choose their orders from the vivid photographic images of each dish.

Tags: israel computer technology innovation invention virtual menu dishes new
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