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Ido Hebrew Hammer
Added: 11th December 2007
Posted By: israsports
Views: 408
Comments: 0

It's an MMA fight featuring Israeli MMA and Desert Combat champion Ido "The Hebrew Hammer" Pariente! Parental discretion advised - controlled violence in this video.

Tags: israeli sport exercise champion wrestling fighting boxing martial arts karate hebrew hammer ido pariente
Total Jewish Insight
Added: 22nd November 2007
Posted By: ourtorah
Views: 513
Comments: 0

On the one hand, the Torah emphasises the freedom of man. On the other hand, it teaches us that G-d is in control. How can man have freedom if G-d is the Master of fate, of destiny? What is the concept which is referred to by the Kabbalists as a limiting of the Divine presence? This is a really...

Tags: rabbi horowitz jewish belief fundamental truth fate destiny free choice divine presence kabbalah kabbalist mekubal education wisdom lesson learn teach
Overcoming Nature
Added: 4th November 2007
Posted By: AishHaTorah
Views: 1104
Comments: 0

One of the great benefits of living life with a degree of spiritual understanding - is the realization that we are not derived from animals - and have the unique human quality of "overcoming our natural instincts" for self-interest and self-promotion. The awareness of our Creation from...

Tags: rabbi zelig pliskin audio shiur life lesson wisdom education teacher learn nature instincts habits challenge success divine spiritual awareness holy torah
Gush Katif Story The Southern Spirit
Added: 2nd October 2007
Posted By: isranews
Views: 297
Comments: 0

Yossi Hadad was expelled from Gush Katif two years ago from his home and agri-businesses in Kfar Darom. Despite the Israeli Government's astonishing lack of movement in fulfilling its obligations to the families expelled from their homes, Yossi has taken control of his own situation and here is...

Tags: exclusive feature gush katif israel government biography kfar darom expulsion restaurant yossi hadad southern spirit
Temple ReRuined
Added: 4th September 2007
Posted By: templemount
Views: 1304
Comments: 0

The Islamic Wakf that controls the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been conducting a multi-year destruction/erasure of any Jewish remains on the Mount. This occurs while Islamic leaders deny any Jewish connection or history on the Temple Mount (...he who controls the present, controls the past..)...

Tags: israel temple mount jerusalem islam destruction archaelogy ruins politics battle
Nazi Jud Suss
Added: 2nd September 2007
Posted By: shoahstories
Views: 7701
Comments: 0

The infamous movie Jud Suss is one of the most important masterpieces of propaganda from the 3rd Reich. According to one account, some young teenagers in Austria after seeing this went out and killed a Jew on the street. Filmed in 1940, it shows how conniving Jew by the name of Suss, called and...

Tags: antisemitism nazi murder genocide libel propaganda history holocaust germany hitler third reich archive rare
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