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Esther and Purim Story Full Length Movie Part 10 of 10
Added: 10th March 2009
Posted By: jewflix
Views: 1657
Comments: 0

Esther and Purim Story Full Length Movie (Part 10 of 10 - Finale) - The plot of Purim is a great tale produced here in a full-length, and true-life cinema setting. There is a beautiful, courageous heroine, an all powerful king, a loyal cousin, and a villain who gets foiled by his own evil plans....

Tags: purim full length feature complete movie film esther mordechai shushan persia king ahasuerus feasts queen vashti party haman evil plans decrees adar foiled plot hidden divine providence megillah reading gifts food friends needy tzedakah charity seudah
10 Commandments Full Movie Part 5
Added: 21st July 2008
Posted By: tzofiya
Views: 8122
Comments: 0

The Ten Commandments (Part Five of Five) is a 1956 motion picture that dramatized the Biblical story of Moses, an adopted Egyptian prince-turned deliverer of the Hebrew slaves. It was released by Paramount Pictures in VistaVision on October 5, 1956. It was directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starred...

Tags: ten 10 commandments 1956 movie epic moses aaron egypt pharoah slavery cecil mille charlton heston sinai exodus bible history film cinema classic full length complete part five finale
Hank Apple Jews Finale
Added: 5th January 2008
Posted By: FunnyJew
Views: 404
Comments: 0

Hank re-discovers his Jewish side no doubt because he wants to impress his new Rabbi, this doesn't go down well with the office or some of the viewers! (Part Three of Three)

Tags: hank apple jews finale drama television life teshuva repentance return judaism jewish roots impress rabbi peer pressure office viewers comedy satire garry shandling
Nazi Escape Route Pt 5
Added: 17th December 2007
Posted By: shoahstories
Views: 889
Comments: 0

The fifth and finale section from the 1969 pilot of Night Gallery, entitled "The Escape Route", starred Richard Kiley, and centered around an escaped Nazi war criminal living in South America and haunted by his past. He begins to visit a museum where he is drawn to a painting of a fisherman on a...

Tags: night gallery rod serling jewish director producer classic television black white nazi holocaust escape route justice criminal war crime film feature south america painting israeli agent past germany 1969
Egypt Exodus Finale
Added: 22nd August 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
Views: 652
Comments: 0

The amazing final twenty minutes from the epic animated movie "The Prince of Egypt", including the national Jewish exodus from slavery and the miracles of the Splitting of the Sea and the Giving of the Torah (credits included).

Tags: movie jewish exodus egypt passover moses red sea split slave war victory cartoon animation cinema history
Entebbe Finale
Added: 29th July 2007
Posted By: israelhistorian
Views: 806
Comments: 0

Operation Entebbe, also known as the Entebbe incident and sometimes the Entebbe Raid, was a rescue mission performed by Sayeret Matkal (the Israeli elite special forces) to free hostages held on Air France Flight 139 at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. It took place on the night of July 3 and early...

Tags: entebbe raid israel military history hostage hero uganda forces 1976 terror victory archive documentary film
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