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The Door
Added: 2nd May 2011
Posted By: BenAmiMusic
Views: 407
Comments: 0

Looking for the latest in Jewish music? Check out this video of the unique new sound of rock Rabbi Chanan Benami. Hard rock meets the Jewish soul. Like Mattisyahu, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zepplin? Add one more to the list and rock out to Chanan Benami!

Tags: Chanan Benami Jewish Rock
Yossi Piamenta plays Little Wing
Added: 7th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 110
Comments: 0

Yossi Piamenta plays Little Wing - Yossi Piamenta playing Little Wing @ Hendrix Tribute concert. Loc: Southpaw / Brooklyn, NY

Tags: yossi piamenta jewish music legend guitarist cover hendrix tribute little wing lead brooklyn new york live concert
Yood Rocks Hendrix Tunes at 2009 Jerusalem Woodstock
Added: 28th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 304
Comments: 0

Mark Rashkow and Lazer Lloyd rock out to Jimi Hendrix at the 2009 Jerusalem Woodstock Revival.

Tags: yood lazer lloyd rock jimi hendrix song mark rashkow 2009 jerusalem woodstock revival
Jerusalem 2009 Woodstock Revival Electric Hatikvah
Added: 9th August 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 417
Comments: 0

Lazer Lloyd of the Jewish electric rock band YOOD doing Hendrix his way at the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival. Instead of the Star spangled banner, he did the Hatikva. Sorry about the sound quality, it was LOUD. Tu V'av Sameach.

Tags: lazer lloyd jewish electric rock band yood hatikvah jerusalem woodstock revival festival 2009 hendrix takeoff
Yood Electric Rock My Soul Thirsts
Added: 3rd February 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 586
Comments: 1

Tzama Lecha Nafshi - My soul thirsts for you - Chabad Niggun YOOD style - filmed at the Yellow Submarine in Feb 2007, included on the latest CD Passin'ver. The Jewish rock group Yood has released a second album entitled Real People. The Israeli based trio's bluesy hard rock sound is similar to...

Tags: tzama lecha nafshi soul thirsts chabad niggun electric style yood live stage performance yellow submarine 2007 real people eliezer lazer lloyd blumen yaacov jake lefcoe drummer moshe yankovsky chassidic band passion ripping guitar
Yood Shemeshfest Slave Mentality
Added: 5th August 2008
Posted By: MusicJew
Views: 515
Comments: 0

YOOD - Shemeshfest 2007 - "Slave Mentality" - the amazing, holy Jewish rock band YOOD. This is not your father's Jewish music! YOOD, the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, is the new name for great, big sound. Three guys originally from North America, for the last decade playing backup...

Tags: yood shemeshfest 2007 music festival slave mentality amazing holy jewish rock band hebrew alphabet letter electric guitar hendrix cream dylan influences trio lazer lloyd reva sheva harmonica yaakov lefcoe jake funk jam moshe russian percussion yankovsy drums ethnic fusion sound effects
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