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Its All Good - Lavi David
Added: 22nd February 2011
Posted By: yaakov1231
Views: 96
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Its All Good-Lavi David at Hashivenu ืœื•ื™ ื“ื•ื“ ื”ื›ืœ ื˜ื•ื‘-ื‘ื™ืฉื™ื‘ืช ื”ืฉื™ื‘ื ื•

Tags: lepon ืœื™ืคืŸ
Barneys Version Trailer
Added: 12th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 151
Comments: 0

Barneys Version Trailer - Based on Mordecai Richler's prize-winning comic novel - his last and, arguably, best - BARNEY'S VERSION is the warm, wise, and witty story of Barney Panofsky, (Paul Giamatti), a seemingly ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life. A candid confessional, told...

Tags: barneys version trailer mordechai richler comic novel life story cinema marriages panofsky paul giamatti
Kibbutz Lavi Makes Best Synagogue Furniture in World
Added: 30th December 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 523
Comments: 0

Lavi Furniture Industries - Made on Kibbutz in Israel - The synagogue experience -- the uplifting power of the prayers and the liturgy, the fine traditional tunes, the beauty of the torah scrolls are all enhanced by the beauty and elegance of the synagogue. From the building of the Mishkan in the...

Tags: kibbutz lavi furniture industries shul synagogue bimah benches chairs aron kodesh beauty elegance made in israel
Jerusalem Monks
Added: 19th October 2010
Posted By: avirach
Views: 105
Comments: 0

A GoJerusalem.com Photospread Photos courtesy of beepbeep_car, Flavio@Flickr, louisepalanker, Claudius PrรถรŸer, ygurvitz, serenity_now, and Postmaster-D from Flickr under a Creative Commons license, and by Flash90 for GoJerusalem.com.

Tags: monk friar catholicism orthodox christianity faith jerusalem israel photography
Tel Aviv - The Bubble
Added: 19th July 2010
Posted By: BlueStar
Views: 249
Comments: 0

Write On for Israel - San Francisco is a two year program to teach high school students, pro Israel advocacy and journalism skills. As part of the program, the students produce documentaries on various Israel related topics. You can read more about the program at http://www.bluestarpr.com/

Tags: Writeon BluestarPR Israel TelAviv
Jacob and His Family Descend to Egypt - Jewish History #7
Added: 8th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 292
Comments: 0

Jacob and His Family Descend to Egypt - Jewish History #7 Jacob and his family leave the land of Canaan and settle in the land of Egypt. They do so under the protection of Pharoah and Joseph. From a small family of 70, they grow to a nation of millions. They settle in the land of Goshen, a...

Tags: rabbi berel wein destiny foundation seven jacob family descend egypt yaakov canaan exodus pesach slavery 400 years
Einstein Private Life Revealed by Hebrew University
Added: 7th April 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 371
Comments: 0

Einstein Private Life Revealed by Hebrew University - note that in March 2010 - the original handwritten manuscript of Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity" was displayed for the 1st time ever in Jerusalem.

Tags: albert einstein jewish scientist genius private life revealed hebrew university theory relavitity
The Shushan Channel Doctor Wolfman DDS Purim Promo Parody
Added: 28th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 391
Comments: 0

Doctor Wolfman DDS Promo for NYC Purim sketch show The Shushan Channel February 27th, 2010 at 92Y Tribeca (shows at 8 and 10, tickets at www.92yTribeca.org). Live show directed by Mike Shapiro. DR WOLFMAN, DDS Directed & Edited by: Erik Bryan Slavin Written by: Rob Kutner & Sheryl...

Tags: purim the shushan channel promo show 92Y tribeca hazon spoof parody satire comedy funny doctor dr wolfman dds
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