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Rabbis Arrested in NYC Blocking Roads
Added: 24th September 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 421
Comments: 0

Rabbis Arrested in NYC Blocking Roads near the UN building protesting the speech of the Iranian dictator vilifying Israel. September 23 2009

Tags: Rabbis Arrested NYC united nations protest iran nuclear dictator
Syrian TV Series Secret Jewish Govt Plan Nuke Attack on Japan
Added: 23rd September 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 419
Comments: 0

Syrian TV Series Secret Jewish Govt Plan Nuke Attack on Japan - Presented by PMW

Tags: PMW Syria israel propaganda secret nuclear revenge attack japan
Bibi Netanyahu Interviewed on Bill Maher Show
Added: 22nd September 2009
Posted By: israhero
Views: 1201
Comments: 0

Benjamin Netanyahu interviewed by Bill Maher. Touching points as how Iran is a threat not only to Israel but the entire world.

Tags: bibi netanyahu interview bill maher iranian global nuclear terror threat politics prime minister israel
Zeev Raz Israel F-16 Pilot Hero
Added: 21st September 2009
Posted By: israhero
Views: 2546
Comments: 0

Zeev Raz - Leading the way was F-16 squadron commander Zeev Raz. His mission? Destroy a secret nuclear weapons plant in Iraq that could threaten the very existence of his homeland. This livelong pilot recalls the inner workings of the mission that brought even more fear into the hearts of...

Tags: zeev raz f16 squadron commander iaf israel army military iraq osira reactor success bombing mission flight school teacher hero
Aaron Klein on Obama Missile Reversal and Israel Attack on Iran
Added: 21st September 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 362
Comments: 0

Israel Concerned by USA Reversal on Missile Shield - Author Aaron Klein discusses whether an attack by Iran on Israel is now imminent - and what is Israel's reaction to Obama's broken promise to eastern Europe to provide a missile shield against Russian and/or Iranian aggression.

Tags: israel obama missile shield europe reversal aaron klein journalist author foxnews interview expert analyis opinion attack iranian nuclear facilities weapons
FoxNews Feature on Iran Ticking Nukes
Added: 5th September 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
Views: 309
Comments: 0

FoxNews Exclusive Interview with Shimon Peres: We know Iran is building a nuclear bomb, the clock is ticking. Shimon Peres: Iran, the clock is ticking..

Tags: iran israel nuclear weapon bomb foxnews feature interview shimon peres exclusive threat modern jewish state
Iran and Why Israel Cannot Wait to Strike
Added: 5th September 2009
Posted By: peacepartner
Views: 445
Comments: 1

IRAN: Why Israel Can't Wait - Jerome Corsi uncovers Israel's plan's for a bombing campaign of Iran.

Tags: iran israel nuclear weapons bomb military strike jerome corsi analyis expert opinion middle east commentary author
New Developments in Iran's Nuclear Capabilities
Added: 3rd September 2009
Posted By: judyinjerusalem
Views: 415
Comments: 0

Uzi Rubin, former head of Israel's Missile Defense Organization, speaks about Iran's increased missile capabilities and the threat to regions outside the Middle East.

Tags: iran, middle east, nuclear threat
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