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Palin: Why Does US Tell Israel To Give For Peace
Added: 24th March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 361
Comments: 0

Sarah Palin the Anti-Obama: Why Is It That the US Often Tells Israel That They Need to Back Off? Sarah Palin: President Obama was inappropriate to intervene in a zoning issue in Israel. Let Israel decide their zoning issues themselves.. I would have taken the opposite aproach by the way."...

Tags: sarah palin obama israel policy terrorism building jewish homes peace process settlement freeze
Palin on Foreign Aid to Israel
Added: 22nd March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 142
Comments: 0

Palin on Foreign Aid to Israel

Tags: Palin on Foreign Aid to Israel
No Mosque at Ground Zero Viral Video
Added: 22nd July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 904
Comments: 0

No Mosque at Ground Zero - Message from Frank Gaffney: The Center for Security Policy today unveiled a powerful 1-minute video opposing the construction of a 13-story, $100 million mega-mosque near the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center. The Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11 by adherents...

Tags: no mosque ground zero frank gaffney center security policy opposition world trade center travesty 911
Sarah Palin to Obama: Bomb Iran If You Want Re-Election in 2012
Added: 8th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 765
Comments: 2

Sarah Palin: War with Iran would help Obama's re-election - 02/07/10 - President Barack Obama won't be re-elected in 2012 unless gets tougher on national security, according to Sarah Palin. The former Governor of Alaska believes that declaring war on Iran could help the president get...

Tags: sarah palin message president obama national security issue 2012 elections bomb iran protect israel amazing interview commentary
Sarah Palin Tells Barbara That Obama Has No Right
Added: 19th November 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
Views: 588
Comments: 1

Sarah Palin on an historic interview with Barbara Walters says that Obama has "no right" to demand that Israel freeze growth of its residential areas ("settlements").

Tags: sarah palin interview barbara walters show obama no right freeze settlement growth israel republican candidate politician
President Hopefuls Wish Shana Tova
Added: 28th September 2008
Posted By: jewspoofs
Views: 544
Comments: 0

The 2008 candidates for President and Vice-President from both political parties wish you Shana Tova (source: Taglit-Birthright Israel)

Tags: spoof satire parody funny comedy birthright taglit presidential candidates 2008 elections vice mccain palin obama biden laugh rosh hashana
Sarah Palin Modern American Woman
Added: 8th September 2008
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 556
Comments: 0

An excellent video story covering the life and achievements of the amazing Sarah Palin - the new political media star in the 2008 Presidential elections. Meet this remarkable lady and see her background and rise to success in politics and life.

Tags: sarah palin republican running mate vice president john mccain life story biography focus
Meet Sarah Palin Life Video Promo
Added: 6th September 2008
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 404
Comments: 0

The remarkable choice of John McCain for Vice-President is Sarah Palin - a maverick governor of Alaska and self-acclaimed "hockey mom". Check out this 4-minute promotional video by the RNC that highlights the life and achievements of this amazing new political and media star. You could be looking...

Tags: sarah palin john mccain republican vice presidential candidate election 2008 biography promotional advertisement video life achievements alaska governor conservative hockey mom
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