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MP3 Podcast - Jewish High Holidays for Kids
Added: 14th September 2010
Posted By: naaleh
Views: 1158
Comments: 0

Naaleh.com presents this chinuch class on making Torah concepts real to children of all ages. Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller guides parents on how to introduce children to the mindset of Elul and the themes of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur on three levels; early childhood, middle childhood, and teens....

Tags: children education rebbetzin tziporah heller rosh hashana yom kippur elul parenting
MP3 Podcast on Yom Kippur - A Call to Unity
Added: 14th September 2010
Posted By: naaleh
Views: 1775
Comments: 0

http://Naaleh.com presents this class on Yom Kippur. Rabbi Avishai David teaches the Torah lesson of how the fast of Yom Kippur requires that all of the Jewish People stand unified before G-d. This is the root of the custom to ask our friends for forgiveness before this holy day.

Tags: video mp3 yom kippur unity jewish people fasting
How to Find Your Soul Mate MP3 Podcast
Added: 26th July 2010
Posted By: naaleh
Views: 2052
Comments: 0

Naaleh.com presents Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller talking about Dating and Marriage. She discusses the concept of Bashert in Judaism, and relates the key principles for searching for ones soul mate. Rebbetzin Heller also talks about how to suggest shidduchim for others, and guidelines for whether one...

Tags: dating marriage shidduch shidduchim rebbetzin heller soul mate bshert destiny
The Mitzvah of Prayer Audio MP3 Podcast
Added: 12th May 2010
Posted By: naaleh
Views: 1422
Comments: 0

Naaleh.com brings you short daily classes on the meaning and depth of the Shemoneh Esrai prayer. This class focuses on the simple translation of the words, as well as the intent one should have while saying them. Sure to enhance your praying experience. Hundreds of classes are available for free...

Tags: tefillah prayer torah daven shiur education learn jewish tradition laws mp3 audio podcast
Noam Shalit CloseUp with Hadassah Head
Added: 23rd November 2009
Posted By: israhero
Views: 249
Comments: 0

It was Friday afternoon, Erev Shabbat, and I was in the hills of Western Galilee, near the Lebanese border. I was in a cozy home in the village of Mitzpe Hila, but despite the lovely surroundings my visit was difficult. I was there to meet with Noam Shalit, whose son, Gilad, was kidnapped and...

Tags: noam shalit father idf soldier hostage gilad nancy falchuk national president hadassah love israel jewish people podcast vblog
New Hadassah Head First Public Podcast
Added: 5th November 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
Views: 240
Comments: 0

This is the first podcast given by Nancy Falchuk. Speaking as the newly installed National President of Hadassah, she shares her personal commitment to Hadassah and her passionate love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Tags: nancy falchuk national president hadassah love israel jewish people podcast vblog
Beri Weber Music for Three Weeks Podcast MP3
Added: 22nd July 2009
Posted By: jewnet
Views: 1731
Comments: 0

A Capella single (choral music) for the Three Weeks

Tags: jewish music audio podcast mp3 capella single three weeks beri weber
The Late Great State of Israel Aaron Klein Podcast
Added: 18th May 2009
Posted By: israelnationalradio
Views: 2298
Comments: 0

MP3 AudioCast: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival - A7 Radio's "The Tovia Singer Show" - Aaron Klein's powerful new book, "The Late Great State of Israel," may be the most important work written on Israel in years. Klein, the...

Tags: aaron klein world net daily jerusalem bureau chief reporter journalist author terrorists shmoozing interview podcast showhost tovia singer arutz sheva
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