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IDF Soldiers Train Against Poison Gas Attack Drills
Added: 20th February 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
Views: 715
Comments: 0

IDF training against poison gas attack that might occur in the next mass missile attack from either Hamas in Gaza or Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel is not surrounded by massive missile arrays from several countries that have an stated policy to destroy Israel (G-d forbid!) - note that Syria has...

Tags: idf israeli defense forces training exercise drill prevention poison gas attack arab enemies gas masks war middle east jewish army threats arab terror nations hamas hizbullah syria
Jewish Hero Pollard Quarter Century in American Jail
Added: 23rd January 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 312
Comments: 1

Missed Chance for Pollard - Long time advocate on behalf of Jonathon Pollard, Eli Yosef argues that a emotional demanding plea could have ended Jonathon Pollard's imprisonment. Pollard has spent nearly a quarter-century in American jail for informing Israel of Iraq's scud missiles filled with...

Tags: jonathon yonaton pollard hero imprisonment jail america israel iraq scud missiles poison gas injustice appeal
Our Brothers Long Still Imprisoned
Added: 8th October 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
Views: 1463
Comments: 0

As another year passes for Gilad Shalit held hostage in a hamas dungeon in Gaza Strip and another year (decade) passes for Yonaton Pollard incarcerated for over 23 years in the United States for his self-sacrifice for the Jewish People. May we hear the cries and demand their release today and may...

Tags: gilad shalit yonaton pollard jonathon hostage captured soldier gaza strip hamas sacrifice intelligence iraq scud missiles life jail prison sentence political cartoon satire
The Real Esther Pollard Interview
Added: 23rd July 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
Views: 407
Comments: 1

In this extended (over one hour) and candid interview, Esther Pollard shares the inside story of what really happened to her heroic husband, Yonaton (Jonathan) Pollard, who is serving his 23rd year (!) in American prison (much in isolation) for serving Israel and the Jewish people. Eleonora...

Tags: esther yonaton jonathon pollard injustice betrayal 23 years american prison jail isolation mistreatment plea bargain violation interview candid personal real story truth host eleonora shifrin iraq scud missiles gas information safe rooms
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