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Bamia~Sephardic Okra Dish
Added: 12th June 2011
Posted By: kosherchannel
Views: 277
Comments: 0

If you never thought you'd like okra, you must try this recipe.

Tags: sephardic cooking video side dish vegetables
Mordechai Yitzhar Baumel - Israel Desert Music Video
Added: 30th October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 274
Comments: 0

Mordechai Yitzhar Baumol - or simply Mordechai Yitzhar, his stage name - is a young singer who has recently released his first album, entitled My Special Path. The upbeat, danceable songs have a lot of Sephardic-style singing despite Baumol's Ashkenazi background.

Tags: mordechai yitzhar baumel israeli singer my special path upbeat sephardic style guitar desert music video hebrew
Fiestaremos: Hip Hop Ladino of Hatikvah
Added: 2nd April 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
Views: 336
Comments: 0

An original hip-hop Ladino version of Hatikvah arranged with Diwon and performed live with Gil Goldin (bass) for the opening night of the NY Sephardic Music Festival '09

Tags: Ladino Sephardic Aroeste Hatikvah
Avre Tu Puerta
Added: 1st April 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
Views: 237
Comments: 1

Avre Tu Puerta- a Ladino folksong about opening your door, and your heart - performed live with Gil Goldin (bass), Dan Nadel (flamenco guitar) and Liron Peled (percussion).

Tags: Sephardic Ladino Aroeste folksong heart flamenco guitar
Piamenta YLove and Diwon at Sephardic Music Fest
Added: 12th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 290
Comments: 0

Piamenta, Y-Love & Diwon at Sephardic Music Fest at South Paw - leading-edge Jewish rap meets classic electric blues guitar of icon Piamenta - get up for this one!

Tags: piamenta ylove diwon jewish musicians fusion sephardic music festival south paw
En Este Corazon live with the Jerusalem Symphony
Added: 9th February 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
Views: 322
Comments: 0

Sarah Aroeste live with the Jerusalem Symphony for the Festiladino competition in Israel, performing an original Ladino song ("En Este Corazon") written with musical collaborator, Roberto Rodriguez.

Tags: Ladino Sephardic Aroeste Festiladino
La Comida La Manana by Sarah Aroeste
Added: 9th February 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
Views: 186
Comments: 0

Sarah Aroeste Band performing the Ladino folksong, "La Comida La Manana" for the 5th annual NY Sephardic Music Festival at the 92Y Tribeca in NYC. Featuring percussion solo with Liron Peled, along with Aviva Cambara (keyboard), Gil Goldin (bass), and Dan Nadel (flamenco guitar).

Tags: Ladino Sephardic Sarah Aroeste folksong live sephardic music festival 92Y tribeca nyc
Me Siento Alegre by Sarah Aroeste
Added: 9th February 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
Views: 392
Comments: 0

Ladino Rock-Ballad off the Sarah Aroeste's Band latest CD, Puertas. Live from the Knitting Factory, NYC and featuring Yotam Beery (bass), Yaron Eilam (electric guitar), Dan Nadel (flamenco guitar), Liron Peled (drums), Skye Steele (violin).

Tags: Ladino Sephardic Aroeste me siento alegre rock ballad live knitting factory nyc
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