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Israeli GeoMine Tech Clears Deadly Mine Fields Across Globe
Added: 17th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 306
Comments: 0

Airborne sensors developed in Israel are helping to detect land mines in Angola, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. While the civil war in the east African nation ended in 1994, the loss of life and limbs continue till this day because of the estimated millions of land...

Tags: mines danger landmines geomine technology israeli sensors airborne angola civil war humanitarian chemcial analysis camera
1st Jewish Broadcast on Nazi Soil - Jewish Service Heard Round the World
Added: 21st December 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 540
Comments: 0

View 1st Jewish Broadcast on Nazi Soil - The Jewish Service Heard Round the World: Live from Germany On the eve of a United Nations General Assembly vote on whether to mark the 10th anniversary of the anti-Semitic Durban racism conference in New York, Israel National News presents the first...

Tags: first jewish broadcast nazi soil live germany 1944 nbc soldiers singing jewish prayers archive holocaust
First Jewish Broacast Nazi Soil 1944
Added: 14th September 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 144
Comments: 0

The First Jewish Broadcast on Nazi Soil - 1944 Infolive.tv brings you excerpts of the first Jewish broadcast that took place in Aachen in 1944. Courtesy of the American Jewish Committee and director of public relations.

Tags: first jewish broadcast germany world war two nazi soil 1944 aachen ajc
MK Danny Danon Vision and Iran Speech
Added: 15th April 2010
Posted By: ap543
Views: 258
Comments: 0

From a speech presented by Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles (www.CJHSLA.org) on 2010-03-22 : Although MK Danon speaks of a biblical right (morashah or inheritance) and security need for the land he unfortunately omits the argument for the legal, moral and historical rights of...

Tags: Morashah akeida emunah meraglim eretz yisroel ha shleima
The Kibbutz in Israel: Evolution of the Revolution
Added: 21st March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 739
Comments: 0

Israel is home to one of the most successful socialist societies ever to have been created. The Kibbutz began as a venture to bring into fruition the ideas of labor Zionism, the movement to bring Jews back to the land. AD Gordon, a prominent Labor Zionist said, The Jewish people has been...

Tags: kibbutz society israel fruits labor zionism agriculture transformation changing situation technology ownership continuation kibbutzniks evolution revolution
33 Minutes Flash Demo Global Ballistic Threat
Added: 12th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
Views: 2540
Comments: 0

A ballistic missile from a foreign enemy would take 33 minutes to reach the United States. With each passing day, this becomes a growing danger to America, yet our government has failed to build the missile defense systems capable of defending us against such attacks. The time has come to...

Tags: 33 minutes flash global ballistic threat demonstration sample protecting america in the new missile age documentary shocker producer the heritage foundation expert interviews commentaries rare footage
Voices TV - Jewish Roots in German Soil
Added: 20th September 2009
Posted By: Sharon
Views: 2166
Comments: 0

Popular author Yisroel Neuberger tells VOICES TV about his search for his past in Germany, and the ironies he found there. www.voices-magazine.com

Tags: Roy Neuberger Worldstorm 2020 Vision Central Park to Sinai Germany autobiography Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch geneology family tree Sharon Kaktz
The Left Luggage Movie Trailer
Added: 27th October 2008
Posted By: shoahstories
Views: 4021
Comments: 0

"Left Luggage" Trailer (1998) - While escaping from Nazis during the WWII, a Jewish man dug suitcases full of things dear to his heart in the ground. The war deprived him of his family, and afterwards he endlessly turns over the soil of Antwerp to find the suitcases, which makes him look...

Tags: left luggage movie 1998 trailer nazis world war two jewish man life story struggle triump relationships tragedy isabella rossellini
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