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Yerachmiel and Aaron Raizel Promo 5770
Added: 26th October 2009
Posted By: israelhillmusic
Views: 310
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel (Rocky) and Aaron Raizel Promo 5770 during Hoshana Rabba (Sukkot). As Rocky says: "The whole world is invited!"

Tags: yerachmiel rocky aaron raizel raisel promo clip 5770 hoshana rabba sukkot jewish musicians
Rocky Goes Shlomo Crazzzy
Added: 25th October 2009
Posted By: shlomo
Views: 529
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel goes "Shlomo" crazy while putting down a new track for first time via webcam.

Tags: yerachmiel shlomo wollins music video fun insane crazy
Yerachmiel and Aaron Raizel CD Release Shalom Aleichem
Added: 21st October 2009
Posted By: israelhillmusic
Views: 374
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel and Aaron Raisel CD Release Shalom Aleichem - recorded in 2009 at Rishimu in central Jerusalem.

Tags: yerachmiel rocky aaron raizel raisel cd release party rishimu jerusalem shalom aleichem
Optimystical at HU Plays Echad
Added: 23rd September 2009
Posted By: isratunes
Views: 343
Comments: 0

Optimystical Band playing "Echad" on the Har Hatzofim Campus in Jerusalem, of Hebrew U. Adar 5769 March '09

Tags: optimystical echad har hatzofim campus hebrew university hu jerusalem yerachmiel siegler rocky
Days of Light
Added: 12th September 2009
Posted By: yerachmiel
Views: 414
Comments: 1

Yerachmiel with Optimystical Directed by David Komer www.myspace.com/yerachmiel

Tags: yerachmiel optimystical david komer rocky chanukah hanukah days of light band music shlomo carlebach maoz tzur macabee the secret of shabbos gavriel raza shamor v'zachor
Shamor V'zachor
Added: 12th September 2009
Posted By: yerachmiel
Views: 1717
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel and Aaron Razel team up for a new album called "The Secret of Shabbos" www.myspace.com/yerachmiel

Tags: yerachmiel the secret of shabbos raza aaron razel rocky hamsa matisyahu shamor vzachor new album jewish israel shuk cd music hippie mahane yehuda shlomo carlebach days of light guitar rock folk funky monkey
Pey Dalid Jams with Yerachmiel
Added: 22nd July 2009
Posted By: peydalid
Views: 394
Comments: 0

The amazing band Pay Dalid (from Psalm 85) jams with Yerachmiel at the Puppet Jazz Bar in Brooklyn New York.

Tags: pey dalid pey dalid matisyahu jewish music roots rock reggae yeramchmiel puppets jazz bar brooklyn
Music Video: Shamor V'Zachor
Added: 11th June 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
Views: 2411
Comments: 0

Yerachmiel ("Rocky") Zeigler and Aaron Razel present a clip from their new album, Raza De Shabbat (Secrets of the Sabbath) which came together after each discovered that his music was enhanced by the other's, making it clear that "two are better than one."

Tags: music razel songs jerusalem
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